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[K-Safety 2019] Hancom Lifecare showcases various high-quality safety equipment

Hancom Lifecare will be showcasing a big lineup of high-quality safety equipment at 2019 Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo held in KINTEX 1 on Sep. 25-27.

SCA10, the latest model of air respirator, won the president’s award in last year’s firefighting industry technology category and was selected as an excellent procurement product this year. It is a high-end product that uses a digital gauge and alarms for the user’s remaining time and surrounding temperature.

Other HUD-equipped products provide only information on remaining pressure and battery, but this product maximizes user convenience by providing additional services such as videos describing how to wear it and the instructions booklet, and it is gaining much response from consumers.

Experience zone has been prepared at Hancom Lifecare booth. In addition, Hancom Lifecare will showcase products that have been proven to be of high quality, including the award-winning ventilation mask (excellence awards from KOSHA) and the disaster safety kit (Good Design Award).

Founded in 1971, Hancom Lifecare has been a leader in the personal safety equipment market including the firefighting, military, and industrial sectors. After joining the Hancom Group in 2017, Hancom Lifecare utilizes Hancom Group’s brand power to launch B2C products disaster safety kits and yellow dust masks. It is also expanding its business area to smart city through the development of advanced fire control system.

Recently, in cooperation with Jeonju City and LX, the company is developing a smart fire safety platform and is striving to find new growth engines by diversifying related businesses.

The 5th Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo was hosted by MOIS, MOTIE and Gyeonggi-do, and organized by KINTEX and KOTRA. It is supported by MSIT, MOLIT, MND, MAFRA, Korea Forest Service, National Fire Agency, Public Procurement Service, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, KEPCO, Korail, KESCO, EBS, KFI, KEITI, KISTI, ETRI, KOELSA, MIRECO, KOEN and KOMIPO. The main programs are as follows. △ Exhibition △ Conference △ Export Consultation △ Investment Promotion Session △ Safety Experience Village △ Award Ceremony

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