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[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] EXA E&C’s 5G-based leakage detection system

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EXA E&C introduced its 5G-based leakage detection system at 2019 Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo held in KINTEX 1 on Sep. 25-27.

This product informs the emergency situation in real time by detecting chemical leaks in tank or storage with the sensor. It comes in film type and cable type.

This company has successfully localized the cable type sensor by technology development and is the only company with domestic production system.

In the past, it was monitored by electric wire and distribution panel installation. Now, it provides a real-time monitoring system by configuring a transmission system based on wireless communication based on 5G and LTE.

In addition, the newly introduced reusable leak-tight film sensor is an innovative product that can replace the existing disposable film sensor in the market.

The 5th Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo was hosted by MOIS, MOTIE and Gyeonggi-do, and organized by KINTEX and KOTRA. It is supported by MSIT, MOLIT, MND, MAFRA, Korea Forest Service, National Fire Agency, Public Procurement Service, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, KEPCO, Korail, KESCO, EBS, KFI, KEITI, KISTI, ETRI, KOELSA, MIRECO, KOEN and KOMIPO. The main programs are as follows. △ Exhibition △ Conference △ Export Consultation △ Investment Promotion Session △ Safety Experience Village △ Award Ceremony

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