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Changwon’s Smart Factory and Production Manufacturing Technology Show SMATOF 2019 opens on Oct. 29

The only UFI certified show in Gyeongnam area SMATOF 2019 (Korea Int’l Smart factory & Manufacturing Technology Fair) will be held for four days from Oct. 29 to Nov. 11 at Changwon Convention Center (CECO) in 150 company and 500 booths scale.

Gyeongnam Province, the foundation of Korea’s economy and where the major export items including shipbuilding, aviation, heavy industry, and machinery industry complexes are gathered, has presented the answer to high technology and gaining competitiveness by smartization and automation of production manufacturing facilities.

Since 2017, Gyeongnam area has become the area of highest demand for smart distribution projects with active promotion by the government and local governments. It is aiming to supply 500 smart factories by this year and 2,000 by 2022 by supporting various budgets, facility investment, smartization of the main industry in the region, expansion of R&D and exclusive fund, as well as local expenses.

In this show, major smart production manufacturing, partial automation and solution providers such as Hyundai Robotics, Hanwha Precision Machinery, Doosan Robotics, Neuromeka, Higen Motor, Zeus, AMS Korea, Eplan Major smart production manufacturing, partial automation and solution providers such as Software & Services, and Han Sung Well Tech will participate.

Hosted by Gyeongnam Province and Changwon and organized COEX, the organizer of Korea’s largest automobile show AUTOMATION WORLD, SMATOF presents the vision and trends of smart production manufacturing in cooperation with the smart factory supplying agencies. It will be the venue gathering the smart factory suppliers and buyers with Gyeongnam Technopark, Korea Robot Industry Association, KETI, and Korea Smart Manufacturing Industry Association and conferences held for four days.

This year, reflecting items that can be applied directly to smart factory demand companies in Gyeongnam, smart factory-related items such as IOT/M2M, software, industrial/manufacturing robots, and logistics solutions in addition to FA/PA solutions, will be displayed to become the largest smart factory event.

SMATOF is a customized smart factory exhibition where companies in supply and demand review projects on the spot and apply for budgets. Although it is being actively promoted by local governments and related organizations with the Industry 4.0, most companies still do not know how to build a smart manufacturing environment, and the technology remains at the automatic production performance or data calculation.

SMATOF will run a customized smart factory exhibition where local small and medium-sized vendors can experience productivity gains immediately by applying for and implementing construction budgets by introducing partial automation with suppliers. Construction consulting will also be conducted at the Gyeongnam Technopark Smart Factory Consultant, the budget and supply agency. In addition, the comparison of smart factory/partial automation construction technology and construction cases can be directly seen with the demonstration, which marks as an event that local companies must attend.

SMATOF has invited bug buyers from India, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe. Like well-known global smart exhibition like SIE and SFE, various co-hosted events will be held, heightening the anticipation for the event. SMATOF has invited large-scale buyers every year, but this year is more successful by signing business agreements with production demand groups in seven countries in China and Southeast Asia (China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia) and inviting big buyers from Europe.

In particular, India’s Commerce Department, which has recently emerged as an alternative manufacturing base for China, dispatched large-scale big buyers to SMATOF to purchase Korean automation technology and machinery. During the exhibition period, the plan is to ensure that the small and medium-sized suppliers’ export performance is achieved through 1:1 buyer matching. Beer party is held at the show, and gifts like Galaxy Note 10 and Xiaomi air purifiers will be given out for prizes. On the special stage, various seminars and conferences will be held by inviting famous speakers to speak on topics such as “Smart Factory Construction Strategy”, “Smart Factory Construction Technology and Case Studies”, and “Manufacturing Robot Tour Briefing Session”. They will present various strategies and solutions to prepare for Industry 4.0, and it will be an opportunity to solve the questions that automation consumer companies have about building smart factories.

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