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[GITEX 2019] Farmpro detects African swine flu beforehand with quarantine map

“The first symptom after an acute African swine flu is high fever and dull movement. If livestock farms are equipped with ICT technology, early detection of the disease can be made and actions can be taken accordingly. Even a quarantine map will become available,” said Farmpro CEO Park Young-hee.

The device developed by Farmpro is attached to the ears of livestock to check the health status, prevent mortality and pre-ovulation signs through body temperature or pulse. It can be used for more than 3 years if installed once with ultra-low power.

In addition, because it is installed in the ear of the livestock, accurate temperature measurement can be made near the eardrum, and above all, it is equipped with a 3-axis sensor that can accurately measure the movement of the activity.

The farm owners can check the status of livestock through smartphones anytime and anywhere ​​by applying AI technology and smartphone applications.

CEO Park said, “We have completed five field tests from the farm located in Gyeongsan and Seosan Korean Cattle Association and entered the final mass production stage. We have just signed contract with 50 New Zealand dairy farms, proving global recognition of our technology.”

She also said, “As seen in the African swine flu case this time, the spread of the disease is not only the problem for individual farms. It is crucial to make the efforts to prevent outbreaks, and the correspondence by MAFRA, the Korean Cattle Association and the Dairy Association is urgently needed.”

Farmpro received the support from Soongsil University Startup Support Group to exhibit at GITEX 2019 from Oct. 6 to 10 to introduce Farmpro, an IoT device that provides real-time health information of livestock using AI technology.

In its 39th year, GITEX 2019 was attended by more than 4,500 companies from 140 countries, and it is the major ICT exhibition in the Middle East and Africa sought by 100,000 overseas buyers.

A wide range of products and technologies from home appliances to telecommunications equipment, IT, and Industry 4.0 are displayed. Also, GITEX Future Stars, with more than 750 startups, 400 large investors and global accelerators, also took place.

Soongsil University Startup Support Group that participated in Gulf Information Technology Exhibition began its service with the name of SME Graduate School in 1983 was selected as the startup leading university in 2016. It is providing a systematic and high-quality startup education system and serving the role of fostering successful entrepreneurs with diverse startup support activities.

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