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[2019 BISS] Angang Shoes displays non-slip sole by different parts

Angang Shoes (CEO Mun Chang-seop) participated in the 19th Busan International Shoe Show (BISS 2019) held at BEXCO 1 for three days from Oct 31 (Thu) to Nov 2 (Sat) and showcased functional comfort shoes.

In recent 10 years, the interest in health has increased in Korea due to the rapid industrialization, improvement in income level, and aging population. Since the 2000s, as health shoes and customized shoes have been popularized, Angang Shoes launched its shoes to correct health problems resulting from incorrect walking habits in sports such as walking, running, and tracking.

Angang Shoes reinforced the functionality by subdividing the anti-slip pattern of each part of the sole. Considering the characteristics of different walking styles, the optimum shoe sole pattern was developed by adjusting the shock absorption and resilience through the structure and design according to the specific section. The arch reinforcement sole structure design using multi-hardness reinforcement is applied to the design to prevent various diseases that may occur in the arch and the foot.

Angang Shoes are multi-functional shoes that has exercise effects, posture correction, pain relief, and disease prevention, reflecting the needs of middle-to-old aged people who need to prevent diseases. It has developed outstanding non-slip and arch support features that no other shoemakers can provide.

BISS 2019 is the only footwear exhibition in Korea held in Busan, the center of traditional footwear industry, and where high-quality and functional shoes, raw materials and shoe machines are gathered in one place. In this exhibition, various events such as shoe brand fashion show and shoe biomechanics experience show are prepared, and the vision of the shoe industry is presented.

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