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[BISS 2019] Ivy International Introduces Forsyth, the world’s first sneaker-like boots

Ivy International (CEO Kim Hong-moon) participated in the 19th Busan International Shoe Show (BISS 2019) held at BEXCO 1 for three days from Oct 31 (Thu) to Nov 2 (Sat) and showcased its light and flexible shoes Forsyth.

Ivy International continues to challenge for the future with a growth foundation that has been built on the best quality and customer satisfaction for the past 15 years. It is manufacturing and supplying sanitary boots and sanitary aprons to leading domestic companies. Based on its long-accumulated know-how, it is manufacturing outstanding products of various designs by advanced manufacturing technology, superior quality and bold R&D investments.

Forsyth’s NBR outsole attached to the EVA body makes the boots non-slip with excellent lightness and flexibility, providing comfort to knees, ankles and joints even during long periods of activity. Its powerful water spike pad rain boots is equipped with super strong ceramic rubber pads and is a non-slip boots specialized for industries such as fisheries, ships and restaurants.

The ultra-light, super-strong non-slip top cooker is a high-performance, high-quality cooker with a weight of 350g, an anti-slip resistance of 0.44 on oil far exceeding MFDS standards (0.27) and an anti-slip resistance of 0.68 on water and foam. In addition to this, EVA foam cushions are used to distribute the pressure applied to the soles of the feet, and cushioned PVC boots relieve the fatigue applied to the knees and ankle joints from the load due to the long hours of work.

BISS 2019 is the only footwear exhibition in Korea held in Busan, the center of traditional footwear industry, and where high-quality and functional shoes, raw materials and shoe machines are gathered in one place. In this exhibition, various events such as shoe brand fashion show and shoe biomechanics experience show are prepared, and the vision of the shoe industry is presented.

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