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[BISS 2019] Kyungnam College of Information and Technology introduces Department of Shoes & Fashion Industry

Kyungnam College of Information and Technology (KIT, Director Choo Man-seok) participated in the 19th Busan International Shoe Show (BISS 2019) held at BEXCO 1 for three days from Oct 31 (Thu) to Nov 2 (Sat) and boasted Korea’s only Department of Shoes & Fashion Industry.

KIT Department of Shoes & Fashion Industry is Korea’s only shoe fashion department supported and fostered by Korea. The school is focusing on fostering human resources that will lead the future shoe fashion industry by making special courses.

The educational infrastructures have been built with government agencies, industries, and research institutes, and the school actively supports the development of creative experts in the fields of product development using cutting-edge technology and marketing by expert knowledge. In addition to fostering shoes specialists that go around all over the country, the school has also helped the students get jobs in large corporations and overseas employment, boasting 90% employment rate.

The Department of Shoes & Fashion Industry is located on the 2nd floor of the Jurye Campus Lash Pavilion in Busan. Students studying here are enjoying Busan’s footwear human resource development business and the local specialized industry “Shoe Industry Luxury Project” by selecting the future job group that are suitable for them. Together with Professor Moon Jin-bok, Choo Yoon-kyung, and Yang Sun-moon, students can obtain certifications in specialized fields such as footwear manufacturing, footwear industry, footwear quality, shoe fitter, polymer product manufacturing, injection mold, quality control, and fashion merchandising.

BISS 2019 is the only footwear exhibition in Korea held in Busan, the center of traditional footwear industry, and where high-quality and functional shoes, raw materials and shoe machines are gathered in one place. In this exhibition, various events such as shoe brand fashion show and shoe biomechanics experience show are prepared, and the vision of the shoe industry is presented.

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