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[BISS 2019 Video] Final Stadium introduces winners at BISS

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Final Stadium (CEO Ahn Tae-hoon) introduced biomechanic running shoes products that received the first prize in business feasibility.

The biomechanical performance-running running shoes studied at the Footwear Industry Promotion Center have been proven to have excellent buffering effects during walking and running. It reduces the load on the entire foot by distributing and reducing the pressure on the soles and toes.

The patented non-slip arch structure helps to circulate blood as you wear it, and it can help balance your body and correct your posture by balancing the front and back.

BISS 2019 is the only footwear exhibition in Korea held in Busan, the center of traditional footwear industry, and where high-quality and functional shoes, raw materials and shoe machines are gathered in one place. In this exhibition, various events such as shoe brand fashion show and shoe biomechanics experience show are prepared, and the vision of the shoe industry is presented.

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