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[GITEX 2019] Soongsil University K-Startup grabs the sales opportunity in the Middle East, the land of opportunity

The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition 2019 (GITEX2019) was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE for five days, Oct 6-10.

The exhibition features a wide range of products and technologies ranging from home appliances centered on ICT to communication equipment, IT, and Industry 4.0-based technology.

Among them, four K-startups supported by Soongsil University Startup Support Group in GITEX FUTURE STARTS Hall were Eney, WeAreFriends, Farmpro, and FourWheels, of which exhibited and completed their entrance to the overseas market.

Eney introduced its call data tracking service targeting O2O platform customers in the Middle East. It can be customized based on API type and cloud.

Injazt Dats System, a business developer, wanted to provide Eney’s services to Dubai O2O platform businesses, and is asking for the method of combining data and weblog data and technical alliances.

FourWheels introduced My Duty, the app that solved the difficulty of nurses in managing their shifts. The company made new clients, a General Hospital in Pakistan and a dental clinic in Dubai to name a few. The company plans to strengthen its strategy for expanding the Middle East market after receiving feedback from them.

WeAreFriends introduced a foreign friend matching app TriPriend. It has a GPS-based deposit system to enhance the credibility of the people introduced, and it has secured a number of content providers to enter the local market.

To enter the Middle East market, the company is planning to enter into a marketing partnership with Fresh Mind Ideas, a company that produces animated promotional videos in line with the release date of TriPriend 2.0.

WeAreFriends is also discussing digital marketing collaboration with Leading Digital Agency, the service provider of CMS, CRM, and E-Commerce Solution services.

FarmPro has received more attention with the recent emergence of the African swine fever. It can detect signs of health abnormalities and ovulation by measuring the temperature with the device attached to the ears of the livestock. It runs with ultra-low electricity, so once installed, it can be used for more than three years.

In this exhibition, FarmPro consulted with buyers from various countries to make deals on delivering the product to the livestock associations and government agencies in the Middle East market.

An official from Soongsil University Startup Support Group said, “Dubai is a land of opportunity for distribution in the Middle East market and South Africa,” and added, “We have exhibited here because we thought that it is an important opportunity to acquire potential customers since more 80% here are of different ethnic groups, and diversity is beneficial for marketing.”

He emphasized, “Recently, delivery system has been implemented in Dubai and other Middle Eastern cities, and the existing offline vendor-oriented distribution system is rapidly changing to an online market. Despite the small scale, it was an important time with lots of meeting with a variety of Middle Eastern buyers.”

Soongsil University Startup Support Group that participated in Gulf Information Technology Exhibition began its service with the name of SME Graduate School in 1983 was selected as the startup leading university in 2016. It is providing a systematic and high-quality startup education system and serving the role of fostering successful entrepreneurs with diverse startup support activities.

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