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[2019 COEX Food Week Video] Enjoy the fragrant tea made with pretty flowers at Kkotmul

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12 types of flowers bloom into flower tea.

Kkotmul participated in 2019 COEX Food Week held Nov 20-23 to introduce four types of blending tea and 12 types of flower tea.

Kkotmul makes flower tea a safe drink for those who can’t drink caffeine-containing drinks in their daily lives.

Many flowers are already being used as teas, but they are also controversial in terms of eco-friendliness and safety. So, Kkotmul grows high-quality edible flowers directly from flower farms in Gyeonggi-do and makes them into flower tea. Currently, 12 kinds of flower teas are being produced. In addition to this, 4 types of blending flower teas are made with ingredients that improve the body’s immune system and function.

Citrus Pink is a flower tea with attractive pink color of cockscomb flowers. It is blended with lemon, orange and applemint, while Mystic Purple is made with lutein-rich marigold, mulberry, apple, and rosemary.
It is a beautiful flower tea with the sweetness of apple and the mysterious purple color of mulberry.

2019 COEX Food Week, organized by COEX and sponsored by the MAFRA, RDA, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KFRI, Korea Agency of HACCP, and Korea Health Supplements Association, is participated by 1,000 companies taking 1,800 booths, having 60,000 participants.
In addition to the exhibition, various programs such as IR pitching contests, investment consultations, global media promotion, domestic and overseas YouTube video interviews, networking parties, and media selection awards were prepared.

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