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[2019 COEX Food Week Video] Health Teacher makes Jam Jam, healthy and delicious soy jam and vegetable jam

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One company makes jams with soybeans or vegetables.

Health Teacher participated in 2019 COEX Food Week held Nov 20-23 to introduce various jam products made with grains and vegetables.

Nowadays, obesity and diet has become a social issue, and there has been health issues in the fruit jams for using excessively high sugar or unnecessary additives for long-term preservation. Health Teacher is the company trying to make a difference by removing such factors and making products with pure and natural ingredients, preserving various flavors of vegetables.

Kim Ji-young, the CEO of this company, came up with the idea of grain jam when she won a prize with bean jam at the Paju Jangdan Soybean Festival in 2016 while studying jam in graduate school. Opened in early 2019, Health Teacher added fructooligosaccharides instead of sugar to adjust the sweetness, increasing the production of beneficial bacteria in the stomach, and allowing the remaining sugar to be easily discharged out of the body.

The grains and vegetables used by Health Teacher to make jams include beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, paprika, garlic, and onions. There are many workshops that make homemade jams like soybean jam, but they usually use only about 5% of soybeans and main ingredients to make the jams. Health Teacher makes the jams by containing 25~37% of the main ingredients to provide a good taste.

CEO Kim Ji-young, who participated in the event, said, “If you travel abroad, you will find that there are a lot of jams. Since this is not well known yet, the customers are fascinated by it, and they say that it tastes better than expected.” It is Health Teacher’s know-how to consume familiar ingredients in an unfamiliar way.

New because it is familiar, this is the secret to the success of Health Teacher.

2019 COEX Food Week, organized by COEX and sponsored by the MAFRA, RDA, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KFRI, Korea Agency of HACCP, and Korea Health Supplements Association, is participated by 1,000 companies taking 1,800 booths, having 60,000 participants. In addition to the exhibition, various programs such as IR pitching contests, investment consultations, global media promotion, domestic and overseas YouTube video interviews, networking parties, and media selection awards were prepared.

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