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[2019 COEX Food Week Video] Ddurane introduces G-mark certified cheonggukjang

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Ddurane participated in 2019 COEX Food Week held Nov 20-23 to introduce its G-mark certified cheonggukjang.

The official said, “Our Cheonggukjang is not salty, smells less, and tastes savory. Because it is not salty, so you can make your own taste. It’s perfect for people who think about their health because it is made products with carefully selected domestic ingredients.” He added, “We are supplying our products to schools as well, and we are expanding our business. The reason I’m at Food Week is to publicize our business.”

2019 COEX Food Week, organized by COEX and sponsored by the MAFRA, RDA, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KFRI, Korea Agency of HACCP, and Korea Health Supplements Association, is participated by 1,000 companies taking 1,800 booths, having 60,000 participants. In addition to the exhibition, various programs such as IR pitching contests, investment consultations, global media promotion, domestic and overseas YouTube video interviews, networking parties, and media selection awards were prepared.

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