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2019 VALUE UP Business Concert held on Nov. 19 ends in success!

The 2019 VALUE UP Business Concert held at the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center on Nov. 19 ended successfully.

On this day, Han Jeong-su, the head of the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center, said, “We have held a number of events here, but I think the 2019 VALUE UP Business Concert is very different from other events. With the start of this event, we are planning to expand the programs to help out SMEs.”

In addition, Joseph Choe, president of AVING NEWS, said, “After the successful ending of the Business Concert held in last September, we created a second event to create a platform that companies can use regularly. We want to use global media and YouTubers to help SMEs and startups enter the domestic and overseas markets and attract investment through.”

The program consisted of local and global media press pitching, YouTuber publicity, video interviews, awards, and networking event. During the breaks, the exhibitors were introduced with rap. It was so called “rap news,” and it was greatly cheered by the participants.

Most of all, during the press pitching session, which received the most attention, global media and YouTubers participated to inform participating companies in their markets in real time and actively participated in business networking. This is being promoted through the channels after the event as well.

The global media that participated in the event are Geekazine (US), Xiao Da Channel (China), Lecafedugeek (France), Vietnam News Agency (Vietnam), MyFatPocket (Singapore), Teman Seoul (Indonesia), A Sing Di Dai Han (Vietnam YouTuber), IT Donga, Byline Network, and BetaNews, and 20 Korean companies that participated in the event are as follows.

△ Big-After_ Afters Candy to remove harmful substances in the body after smoking △ Six Lab_ How Many Today, the iQOS Bluetooth smoking management app △ Lillycover_ Muilli, smart skin diagnosis device that provides total beauty solution △ OLT Power_ Smart transformer, real-time voltage control and electricity saving device △ Health Men_ My Champion, the healthy drink that provides trendy health paradigm △ Match_ Hairsuit, stylish wig △ 4HueLtech_ Gas mask smartphone case △ Cizion_ 1-person media shopping mall platform Attract △ Neosapience_ TypeCast, AI voice actor casting service △ Perpup_ Multi-function dog walking tumbler △ GoodByeCar Recycling_ Portable auxiliary power device by recycling waste batteries △ Upspace_ Lincon, the bag hanger for easy organizing △ Soonsoo Baram_ Purism I, smart eco hair dryer △ Supertrack_ mBot, child coding education toy △ APC Technology_ Air purifier Air Doctor △ N2fall_ Ampule nitrogen cold brew coffee △ Yellow Punch_ Volume mascara, Sun Shield tone-up base, Sun Shield Tone-up Base △ ITVERS_ Multi-functional presenter △Muwee_ Pouch, toilet paper case, name card holder △ Hue (Leverpresso)_ Portable coffee machine

At the awards ceremony held as the last program of the day, global media selected the Top 3 companies and decorated the event. The companies selected as the top 3 companies were Muwee, Healthy Men and N2Fall, and the companies had the opportunity receive spotlights from the overseas press.

Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center is a start-up and innovation network hub that connects Korea excellent start-up and innovation ecosystems with private initiatives, and is establishing a voluntary cooperation model for private start-up and innovation networks. In addition, the company is expanding its founding culture in cooperation with the innovation centers nationwide, and supports various fields such as crowdfunding, K-culture, food tech, and fashion business.

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