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[Outstanding Textile Machinery in 2020] Korea Narrow Loom prepares for technological independence from Japan with 1200 mm carbon grid weaving machine

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Korea Narrow Loom, one of the hottest companies in Korea in textile machinery industry, is showcasing its narrow-width weaving machine that can produce up to 9mm before Korea’s only textile machinery exhibition KORTEX 2020 opens in Daegu EXCO from March 4 to 6, 2020.

Based on its outstanding technical skills, Korea Narrow Loom developed various narrow-width weaving machine in various lineups since its foundation in 1976, and supplied the best products to consumers and exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

The company developed the first small loom weaving machine in Korea really early in 1978, and it continued to develop the domestic small loom weaving machine business by exhibiting in foreign shows four to five times a year.

Regular narrow-width weaving machines can produce fabrics with a thickness of about 3 mm, but this company can produce up to 9 mm. Other machines can make 2 or 3-layer fabrics where this machine can make 4 or even 6-layer fabrics, being able to produce thick woven fabrics.

As a result, it can produce woven fabrics for cargo belts and sling belts, as well as fabrics made by special fiber for industrial use like aramid and carbon. Using these new materials, the company has grabbed the opportunities to produce new textiles for new materials and medical use, and supplied them to SK groups.

The demand for such narrow-width fabrics is increasing nationwide, to supply seismic reinforcement materials in places like Jamsil Stadium by using p-Aramid, known as the super fabric that is five times stronger than steel.

The company is continuing the development of machinery that can manufacture wide-width fabric as well, and will be showcasing 1200 mm carbon grid weaving machine currently under R&D in the show next year. With its R&D, import is minimized and the cost is lowered, contributing to the growth of the industrial textile industry.

KORTEX 2020, with 340-booth scale by 120 exhibitors, is hosted by the Daegu Metropolitan City, Gyeongbuk Province, and KOFOTI and organized by KOTMA, KOTMI, and EXCO. The show will prepare export consultations and overseas buyer support programs for the exhibitors.

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