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[Outstanding Textile Machinery in 2020] Global small giant Hyung Jae Precision Machinery calls attention to its tricot beam

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Hyung Jae Precision Machinery, the leader of Korea’s fabric machinery industry, is showcasing its tricot beam, the core part of the fabric machine before Korea’s only textile machinery exhibition KORTEX 2020 opens in Daegu EXCO from March 4 to 6, 2020.

The company has developed tricot beam which most has been imported and successfully localized it, contributing to improving the export competitiveness of Korea’s textile industry.

This part has a dangerous side to it, which comes from not being able to withstand the huge pressure when mass producing the textile and explosion that can be life-threatening.

This was why this part was hard to export, not without the technology accumulated for a long time and the reliability on stability.

The company’s tricot beam was manufactured by using high-strength special aluminum alloy in a high-pressure press, supporting outstanding strength and durability.

Especially, by using the MIG welding method by ROBOT system, balanced transmission of power is made, and the compatibility is high when using high-speed rotation to increase the production efficiency.

In addition, it has been developed since the late 80s and supplying it to domestic and overseas markets, and has been producing the world’s highest quality beams through steady quality upgrades. The companies that are using Hyung Jae’s tricot beam are achieving the best quality in the tensile strength and durability.

Proving this, most domestic companies are using this company’s products and the exports account for about 90% of total revenue.

President Choi Byung-gi said, “After pursuing quality upgrades in only one field of tricot beams for the past 30 years, we have acquired price competitiveness without being falling behind the products from the world. We will work harder and protect our reputation as the manufacturer of the best product.”

KORTEX 2020, Korea’s only textile machinery exhibition with 44 years of tradition and history, is hosted by the Daegu Metropolitan City, Gyeongbuk Province, and KOFOTI and organized by KOTMA, KOTMI, and EXCO. The show will prepare export consultations and overseas buyer support programs for the exhibitors.

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