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Incheon TP supports startup global launch at CES 2020… Global market and technology trends identified and overseas buyers met

Incheon TP is participating in CES 2020, the world’s largest electronics and IT show to be opened in Las Vegas, USA, to support it specialized program Start-up Overseas Conference, a part of Startup Jump-up Package Support Project run by MSS and KISED.

This program is designed to understand the major trends of all major companies around the world and new innovative technologies, and to find the direction of the companies’ applications and innovations. The companies will display their products, services, and ideas in the EUREKA PARK–MIK Innovation Hot Spot to look for overseas buyers.

The two start-up companies that participated this time were SeesawTalk and Marvrus, which passed the strict qualification criteria of CTA, the host of CES, and were recognized as a commercially viable new technology.

SeesawTalk is an IT startup that is executing a global corporate vision through the development and operation of a mobile portal on-demand service platform. Seesaw is building partnership models in various fields, including healthcare, commerce, and travel based on its experience of attracting two investments from venture capitals.

Marvrus is a company that develops educational contents that combines XR (VR, AR, MR, hologram, etc.) immersive technology with machine learning. It want to introduce its AI-based VR and mobile English conversation studying contents SPEAKIT to the US market, which has already been recognized for excellence in Korea through exclusive contracts with SKT and Multicampus.

Both companies intend to identify global trends and future prospects and develop new buyers for their products in CES 2020 to develop competitive products that can be recognized in the global market.

Incheon Techno Park, the host of this program, provides opportunities to participate in various conferences to quickly identify changing technology trends and respond to changed trends preemptively, and support closely to lead to global entry by helping to find overseas partners and acquiring various sales channels.

AVING NEWS, the media that has made the most promotion of Korean companies, has set up MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT in CES 2020 Startup Zone EUREKA PARK as the project to help Korean startups to enter the global market, and will introduce the major Korean startups to the world. By using the strengths of CES, AVING NEWS plans to inform investors, buyers and media Korea’s promising startups through various programs such as strategic consulting, PR marketing, and networking parties. MIK Zone is hosted by Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association, AVING NEWS, and MD Insight, and organized by Bluefoot. It is participated by Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, Incheon Techno Park Startup Support Center, Gwangju University Startup Support Group, and Sungshin Women’s University Startup Support Group.

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