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[CES 2020] Attention to the global sales of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul! -① Mobility & charging

CES 2020, the world’s largest technology exhibition, was held in Las Vegas, USA, from January 7 to 10, and Seoul Metropolitan City is receiving spotlights for helping 20 Seoul-based innovative companies enter the global market with the introduction of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul.

A total of 20 innovative companies based in Seoul are participating in the exhibition, running the pitching stage to present their innovative technologies and exclusive counseling space for business meetings.

Among them, WARP solution introduced Smart Pad Mini that enables remote wireless charging without port connection.

This product is equipped with its own RF wireless charging chip to make it possible to charge remotely from 1 to 6M, and can simultaneously charge hundreds of devices like how wireless Wi-Fi works.

Hancom Mobility introduced the parking sharing solution Parking Friends that uses the hardware-based IoT sensor installed on the parking lot floor that works with the parking service app.

This product is a solution that can check the parking space in real time, and make reservations and payments. It is the only parking sharing application equipped with IoT sensor, which enables stable operation and various services.

DASH has unveiled its station-based e-kickboard sharing solution DASH Platform.

It solves the problem of unmanaged shared kickboards.  This solution can securely store various shared kickboards at the station, and even supports charging service so that other sharing service and individual users can also store and charge in the station.

R.O.C.K introduced its finger wireless mouse ROCK-Ring that can be used in the air to get rid of the discomfort coming from carpal tunnel syndrome.

This product is put on like a ring and uses the space movement control function instead of conventional tracking mouse. With left and right click and zoom in and out functions, it is suitable as a VR and gaming mouse.

Kono Corp. introduced S LIGHT, the car safety tripod to prevent secondary accident by using a smart display method.

This is a product that develops a safety tripod used in a bus or a car with a rotating display method to display desired patterns or letters. The bottom surface is developed with a strong magnet so that it can be conveniently and efficiently used on a car or on the side of a bus.

With Smart City & Smart Life as the main theme, Seoul Metropolitan City is planning to build Digital Citizen Mayor Room that shows 16 million administrative data in traffic, fire prevention, and environment of Seoul in real time, and thus boosting exports with the data-based administrative system.

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