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[CES 2020] Attention to the global sales of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul! – ② Life

CES 2020, the world’s largest technology exhibition, was held in Las Vegas, USA, from January 7 to 10, and Seoul Metropolitan City is helping 20 Seoul-based innovative companies enter the global market with the introduction of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul.

A total of 20 innovative companies based in Seoul are participating in the exhibition, running the pitching stage to present their innovative technologies and exclusive counseling space for business meetings.

Among them, CUBE AI introduced a solution to operate autonomous valet, which is Level 4 level of autonomous vehicles.  Currently, German companies are leading the autonomous valet technology, but the installation to run the solution is quite costly with sensors and radars in buildings and vehicles.

CUBE AI is capable of Level 4 autonomous driving by making the autonomous valet function with deep learning based on its AI camera without using sensors and radars.

An AR leader Letsee introduced its AR development software WebAR SDK that can implement AR without additional installation in existing web browser.

This product solves the problem of running AR, which was difficult to be used widely because it needed a separate installation in a web browser. It can run AR as various web ads by image recognition.

NUVI Labs introduced NUVI Labs Scanner, which analyzes food data and makes smart diet plans for companies that run large meal shops or cafeterias.

It is operated based on a food scanner that can analyze food data, and it can provide menus tailored to customers’ tastes and amount of food intake. Through this, you can obtain the optimized information on the diet plan from the management of leftover food to meal plan.

Curaum introduced its denture cleaner Clium that cleans the dentures up to 99% by infrared ultrasound.

This product is equipped with infrared ultrasonic cleaning function in the denture container made of stainless steel. Up to now, dentures had been stored in plastic containers.  The wash tub is removable and portable, and the company plans to add sensors to measure how much it has been cleaned and timer and automatic cleaning functions.

Dot introduced its smart braille solution Dot Public that can display with various letters like a display through the dot function that is rearranged automatically.

This product is an electric magnet-based braille developed in cubic form and combined with various sizes. Automatic rearrangement dot function supports different braille by countries in real time, and pad products can even support braille images. It can be used in smart cities by putting it in various kiosks located in the cities, and it is currently being presented in various products such as pads, watches, and minis.

With Smart City & Smart Life as the main theme, Seoul Metropolitan City is planning to build Digital Citizen Mayor Room that shows 16 million administrative data in traffic, fire prevention, and environment of Seoul in real time, and thus boosting exports with the data-based administrative system.

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