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[CES 2020] Choi Joon-beom, section chief of Jeonju City, “We will create a smart city with CES.”

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Choi Joon-beom of Jeonju City attended the CES 2020 held in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10.

Jeonju City is currently looking for ways to solve the urban problems caused by urbanization and create a sustainable city. As a solution to this problem, the company selected the creation of ‘smart city’ using a new technology that leads the fourth industrial revolution.

Jeonju City, which established a new department dedicated to smart cities last year, is working with universities and corporations to create a cooperative system for civilianization, and is participating in CES 2020 with university officials and business representatives to see and learn the latest technologies in person to create a smart city unique to Jeonju.

It is also currently pushing for a number of projects, including “planting 10 million trees,” “refining empty houses” and “creating a smart city integration platform” to address various urban problems such as transportation, environment and housing

“We will foster ICT industries and businesses through CES2020 to create a virtuous cycle of businesses, universities, technology and people,” said Choi Joon-beom, director of the department. “We hope not only to revitalize the entire economy but also create jobs.”

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