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[CES 2020] A9 showcases single-person household and lonely death management system

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A9 (CEO Park Yong-yeon) participated in the world’s largest technology exhibition CES 2020 opening in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10 and displayed its NB-IoT one-person household and lonely death management in CES startup zone Eureka Park MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT with the support from Sungshin University Startup Support Group.

A Nine’s Bplug provides LTE Care Plug service by B2G. As a welfare service to manage the lonely deaths and safety of increasing one-person households and socially vulnerable households, sales and transactions are being made to public institutions, autonomous districts, and welfare centers.

When the LTE Care Plug is installed in the welfare-vulnerable household, it monitors the activities of the vulnerable household every day. It manages safety by analyzing the power consumption of home appliances and changes in illuminance of households in real time. If a certain amount of power consumption and home lighting use does not occur for a certain period of time, a “danger” alarm sets off on the management page and smartphone, and the manager in charge checks the safety by phone or visit to prevent lonely deaths.

The service is provided with integrated control screen, operation screen, and smartphone web monitoring screen that can be checked anywhere in case of risks.

The LTE Care Plug adopts a new method of LTE communication called NB-IoT, so that data can be transmitted by connecting to electricity from anywhere, regardless of the Internet.

The low cost of introduction and the small size mean that the manager in charge of managing the vulnerable households can carry it directly and install it easily when visiting the vulnerable household. Since the installation location is invisible to the eye, it is viewed positively that the privacy infringement factor is low.

The official from A9 said, “A Nine is looking for a company that has built a B2G service sales network that provides welfare services such as one-person households and senior care services. In terms of long-term B2C services, it is also looking for smart homes and security companies that have servers and platforms.”

AVING NEWS, the media that has made the most promotion of Korean companies, has set up MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT (Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G #52843) in CES 2020 Startup Zone EUREKA PARK as the project to help Korean startups to enter the global market, and will introduce the major Korean startups to the world. By using the strengths of CES, AVING NEWS plans to inform investors, buyers and media Korea’s promising startups through various programs such as strategic consulting, PR marketing, and networking parties. MIK Zone was hosted by Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association, AVING NEWS, and MD Insight, and organized by Bluefoot. It was participated by Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, Incheon Techno Park Startup Support Center, Gwangju University Startup Support Group, and Sungshin Women’s University Startup Support Group.

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