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[CES 2020] J2C showcases monocular iris recognizer to acquire clear image

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J2C (CEO Kim Yu-jeong) participated in the world’s largest technology exhibition CES 2020 opening in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10 and displayed its monocular iris recognizing device in CES startup zone Eureka Park MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT with the support from Changwon Industry Promotion Agency.

In biosecurity solutions, J2C develops a wide range of iris recognition hardware and software. As of 2019, it holds 18 Korean and foreign patents for iris recognition technology and has more than 18 years of experience in iris recognition.

Many iris algorithms have already been developed, but J2C noted that no hardware has been developed to capture clear iris images. Therefore, the company developed its own camera module and IR-LED, which are the key components for the iris recognition device to capture accurate iris images.

The camera module is a black-and-white camera module that uses 5M pixels without cropping. The IR-LED module generates twice as much light with less current compared to other IR-LED modules. J2C’s iris recognition devices developed using these components have improved recognition distance and accuracy compared to other iris recognition products.

This product is currently undergoing certification in India for sale by securing high technological competitiveness with the personal identification device of the UIDAI project in India, and the company is looking for the SI company to perform the duties with certification agency and local officials.

The company official said, “Certification is underway in India for export to India, and three contracts were concluded including India. An IoT company that we met at the IoT Expo in Silicon Valley also participated in CES, and took interest in our company’s camera module. So, we met yesterday and discussed in detail.”

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