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[CES 2020] Opportunity to communicate with CES 2020 exhibitors in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Joint Site Meeting

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On January 8, Daegu-Gyeongbuk joint site meeting was held to commemorate the participation of the world’s largest technology exhibition CES 2020 at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, USA.

At the site, Daegu Gyeongbuk companies, as well as Mayor Kwon Young-jin, Daegu City Council Chairperson Bae Ji-sook, Gyeongbuk Economic Deputy Director Jeon Woo-heon, and Kyungpook National University Kim Sang-dong, attended the event.

First, Mayor Kwon Young-jin of Daegu City, Gyeongbuk Economic Deputy Director Jeon Woo-heon, and Daegu City Council Chairperson Bae Ji-sook gave presentations on the performance of companies participating in CES 2020 and the directions they should take.

Daegu Major Kwon said, “Thanks to the hard work of entrepreneurs, we were able to achieve this. Korea saw the potential to make the hope with the support from the Daegu and Gyeongbuk area.”

Gyeongbuk Economic Deputy Director Jeon said, “It was an opportunity to see Daegu-Gyeongbuk companies establish so many business relationships with overseas buyers at CES 2020. When Daegu and Gyeongbuk cooperate, we will be able to overcome the economic crisis in the area.”

Daegu City Council Chairman Bae said, “We looked around the CES 2020 site quite a lot, but our companies definitely stood out. Since there are many great companies in Daegu and Gyeongbuk area, we would like to open an exhibition that’s comparable to CES.”

Second, an awards ceremony for the Business Demo Day (IR Pitching Program) washeld on January 7, on the first day of CES 2020, at Daegu Gyeongbuk Joint Pavilion. Four of the 13 participating companies, two each, were selected from Daegu and Gyeongbuk.

Imagination Garden

Major features of the products are as follows. △ Easy to install and versatile, can be used in idle buildings and plastic houses △ Unlike other companies’ systems, it is very inexpensive and grows high value-added crops by using AI-controlled automatic environmental management system.

△ System for researching and recalibrating optimal culture recipes by measuring the rate of change of individual ions absorbed by crops and growing seasons △ Possible to produce crops that have not been hydroponic because recipes are not known △ Functional vegetables can be grown, by either strengthening or weakening specific characteristics of the crops.


Onesoftdigm introduced a portable body composition analyzer that analyzes biometric and environmental data collected through various low-power devices through an open platform and analyzes the surrounding environment information to provide customized services to users.


Lilycover’s Muilli is designed to be easy to carry for busy modern people who don’t have time and money to carry skin care smartly at home and at work. With the accuracy and multi-function as well as high value with outstanding skin diagnosis that is different from various diagnostic devices and beauty devices out in the market, it is providing total beauty solution which enables smart skin management.

Lilycover developed diagnostic algorithms with dermatologists and university hospitals based on more than 110,000 pieces of skin data. In 2020, it is planning to launch 2 Point Cosmetic smart factory that makes skincare products starting from skin diagnosis – production – sales in the vending machine.


Aslatech’s haptic module uses haptic actuators using piezo technology and haptic software using sound as one module to be applied not only to the existing game console controller but also to PC mouse, keyboard, VR device, and smartphone cover. Mouse and haptic pads for smartphones have already been made with the cooperation with partners.

This sound-based haptic module technology is expected to be the next-gen of tactile delivery technology because it can deliver a higher resolution haptic effect to the user compared to the vibration motor method, which previously delivered only simple vibration. In addition, even in streaming games that are emerging as a new game market, it enables the same high-resolution haptic effects in playing other company’s streaming games with different types of controllers or even by using other platforms, like PCs, TVs, and smartphones to play games.

After congratulating the four awards, the event ended with testimonies by Daegu-Gyeongbuk companies that participated in CES 2020 and dinner.

Daegu Metropolitan City has supported 196 ICT venture companies and SMEs in the area to enter the market for eight consecutive years since 2013, with the cumulative contract amount of $22.4 million as of 2019.

Gyeongbuk and Daegu has formed Daegu Joint Pavilion where 44 ICT convergence ventures and SMEs and three startups will be participating. Major programs include exhibitions, investor pitching, public relations with foreign media, and post-CES review conferences. In CES 2019, Daegu and Gyeongbuk Province exchanged MOU to run joint pavilion in CES for the benefits of both parties, and the joint pavilion has been set up in CES 2020. The world’s largest IT show CES shows the trend of the global technology issues and trends at a glance. It is hosted by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held every January.

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