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[CES 2020] The Color Group’s portable cold brew coffee N2Falls

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The Color Group (CEO Lee Jeong-oh) participated in the world’s largest technology exhibition CES 2020 opening in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10 and displayed its portable nitro cold brew coffee N2Falls in CES startup zone Eureka Park MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT.

N2Falls, a portable nitrogen coffee made by The Color Group, can be drunken anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The company focused on how to make it easy for the busy people of the modern age to enjoy coffee easily and comfortably. As a result, it developed N2Falls, the coffee that can be drunk coffee anytime and anywhere without coffee machine. It also has the extensibility to tea and herbs in addition to coffee.

The Color Group currently aims to export to the United States. It is the center of the RTD market. The company showcased smart tumbler that matches N2Falls at CES 2020.

AVING NEWS, the media that has made the most promotion of Korean companies, has set up MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT (Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G #52843) in CES 2020 Startup Zone EUREKA PARK as the project to help Korean startups to enter the global market, and will introduce the major Korean startups to the world. By using the strengths of CES, AVING NEWS plans to inform investors, buyers and media Korea’s promising startups through various programs such as strategic consulting, PR marketing, and networking parties. MIK Zone is hosted by Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association, AVING NEWS, and MD Insight, and organized by Bluefoot. It is participated by Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, Incheon Techno Park Startup Support Center, Gwangju University Startup Support Group, and Sungshin Women’s University Startup Support Group.

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