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[MIK HOT SPOT_KHIDI] PaxGenBio develops time and money-saving MPCR-ULFA platform technology!

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The market for molecular diagnostic devices is expanding, but there are many problems in terms of time and cost, and developing countries want products at reasonable prices. PaxGenBio developed the system that can check the result in 15 minutes without equipment that would’ve taken more than two hours with expensive equipment. AVING News met Park Young-seok, the CEO of PaxGenBio, to hear about its core competitiveness MPCR-ULFA.

Company overview

Hi. This is Park Young-seok, the CEO of PaxGenBio. Our industry is based on the molecular diagnosis to develop the original technology that can diagnose cancer and genetic diagnosis. Based on this result, we have developed a variety of products like HPV and SITI to treat tuberculosis.

Overview of major system

Our MPCR-ULFA technology does not use high-price devices and reagents, and it can be used in various countries like Southeast Asia and South America where there are many patients at affordable prices. By using our technology, you can check the result of multiplex PCR simply in the cartridge.

We do not use high-priced equipment and reagents like the conventional microarray. What’s outstanding is that there is no need for professional personnel. So, you can easily react the sample in room temperature and check it. On top of it, you can check it with naked eyes, so you don’t need a reader, which makes it comfortable. Another great advantage is that unlike the conventional microarrays, you can do quality management at a low price and great convenience. We can provide the system at a reasonable price to the consumers.

Overview of major staff

I, the CEO of this company, was the head of the research institute of LG Life Sciences and Green Cross MS, and now founded in May 2015. Lee Chan-ho, the head of the head of our research institute of our company was the head of the research institute of Bioneer and Green Cross MS, and came to our company. Our marketing vice president Kim Seung-hwan was in charge of marketing at Intron and Immunemed, and came to our company.

Business goals and directions

The philosophy of our company is to provide health and peace to the mankind. Pax in PaxGenBio means peace. It has the meaning of fighting the disease with the gene of peace. Also, it is our goal to supply our products at an affordable price.

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