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[ENVEX 2020] Daeshin MC to introduce sanitary washing equipment… Cyclone suction mat, shoe bottom washer, cart wheel washer

Daeshin MC will participate in the 42nd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2020) to be held at COEX from June 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri) to introduce its sanitary washing equipment like cyclone suction mat, shoe bottom washer, and cart wheel washer.

The dry type cyclone suction mat strongly inhales dust and debris from the sole of the shoe just by walking on the suction mat. Dust and harmful substances are sucked into the dust collector, improving indoor air quality and blocking the transfer of harmful substances such as viruses into the room.

In the case of a shoe floor washer, a sensor detects when people step on the machine’s brush and cleans the shoe floor with water, detergent and brush. After that, it dries the bottom of the shoe with an absorbent mat that absorbs water strongly so that people can enter inside the building with clean shoes. In addition, the wheel washer is a wet type that automatically cleans the wheels. The cleaning time can be set on the panel with water, detergent and sponge.

An official said, “Daeshin MC will not only serve the role of informing the world of the quality made in Korea in the world market, but also will protect the people from from harmful environments.”

Marking its 42nd year this year, ENVEX 2020 has been serving as the business venue every year to help domestic environmental companies develop domestic and overseas markets. It has attracted 1,000 overseas buyers to provide business matching with the exhibitors in Korea.

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