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[ENVEX 2020] Mimicry introduces household food waste treatment system

Mimicry will participate in the 42nd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2020) to be held at COEX from June 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri) to introduce household food waste treatment system.

An official said, “The liquid disinfector that handles food waste uses a system that discharges contaminants into sewers by slightly modifying disposers.” Next, “Because of applying the biotechnology of Industry 4.0, it enables wasteless discharge, no drainage, and no residue. We have considered the environment and hygiene as a product without any emissions for more than one year.”

In addition, “The company intends to secure a firm position in household appliances by completely solving food waste in the kitchen of each household.” “We are trying to solve environmental and hygiene problems at the same time by effectively disposing of food wastes from restaurants across the country as well as household products.”

Marking its 42nd year this year, ENVEX 2020 has been serving as the business venue every year to help domestic environmental companies develop domestic and overseas markets. It has attracted 1,000 overseas buyers to provide business matching with the exhibitors in Korea.

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