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[MIK HOT SPOT_KHIDI] BioSensor Laboratories introduces Franz brand with micro current technology Tissue X

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BioSensor Laboratories participated in MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) KHIDI. AVING News met the CEO of BioSensor Laboratories Jang Myeong-hun for an interview.

Franz Product 1

Please introduce your company briefly.

Hi, this is Jang Myeong-hun, CEO of BioSensor Laboratories. The company was founded in June 2013 by the professors of SNU School of Natural Science and Engineering. We are using the transdermal drug delivery that transmits polymer substances through the skin to manufacture cosmetics and pharmaceuticals that improve skin.

Franz Product 2 – Jet

Please introduce your main products and systems.

There is one German biochemist named Dr. Thomas Franz. He has applied the experiment method that creates the same environment as the skin. The method he uses is called Franz Diffusion Cell. The name was brought from the fact that it creates the same environment as the skin.

The brand called Franz often represents skincare, and skincare delivers substances to our skin to improve the skin. We use microcurrent and we call making the microcurrent as water technology. It’s because if there is sea water and fresh water, there is difference in the salinity. If there is a difference in salinity, there is an ion flow. However, when multiple layers of ions flow, naturally, microcurrents are made in both positive current and negative current. We developed this.

This system is the first in the world, and the advantage is that even small molecules such as vitamin C enter well, but if you put something that is original in our body but difficult to inject like hyaluronic acid or peptides, it is so clear that it is good for skin. Tissue X is a technology that allows such substances to enter, and the brand that applies this technology is Franz.

Franz Product 3 – Mask and essence type

Please tell us about your future plans.

Mainly, I can talk about R&D and commercialization. The commercialization side for us is the skincare business. We have invested in the US for about a year to enter the market that sells consumer goods with the doctors, and COVID-19 had been a great opportunity for our company.

Our products are used indoors, and they are highly effective. So, the sales in actually increasing in the US. The price range is also quite reasonable compared to Korea. So, I want to activate this well.

And, if we are successful in branding in the US, it is not hard to enter other countries. Because the symbolic roles are still quite big, you can look at it this way. In terms of R&D, we are going to develop the technologies to make various innovative products to sell them in the innovative markets like the US.

Franz Product 4 – Empowering Mask
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