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[Int’l Green Energy Expo 2020] AKCOME introduces customized solar power module

AKCOME participated in the 17th International Green Energy Expo held at EXCO, Daegu from July 15-17 to introduce its customized solar power module Bi-Chaser.

AK Group is a Chinese photovoltaic company with 30 billion yuan (about 5 trillion won) of assets as of last year, ranking 41st among the world’s 500 largest photovoltaic companies.

AKCOME’s full name is Suzhou AKCOME Optronics Science & Technology Company. It was founded in 2010 in China as a subsidiary of the AK Group, specializing in manufacturing solar power modules. It is building a value chain that produces cells and modules in a batch, and is currently a solar power company in China that produces 1.4GW modules and 500MW cells in Shanghai, China.

The AK Group, which has been growing with the manufacturing and construction structures, is conducting a wide range of business from producing products such as frames and ribbons to electric vehicle technology. It is no. 1 in the production of module frames in the world, and it is no. 3 in the installation and construction of the structure. It has no. 3 technology in the electric vehicle sector in China.

It established AKCOME Korea in Seoul in 2014, building a new standard system and fulfilled to meet the KS standards of Korea. It has received KS certification in early 2018, showing active steps toward entering the Korean market.

In this show, AKCOME Korea introduced various products that can effectively improve the power generation of the system with excellent power generation capability and temperature stability. Proving the attention and popularity of AKCOME, the product catalog had run out on the first day of the show. The product names are as follows.

▲HC-Chaser series: Chaser-M6/144P with maximum output of 440W and Chaser-G1/144P with maximum output of 410W (Mono 9BB Half-Cut Module) ▲St-Chaser series: High-efficiency single crystal module with maximum output of 410W (Mono 5BB High Efficiency Module) ▲Bi-Chaser series: Bifacial half-cell module with maximum output 435W (Mono 9BB Half-Cell Bifacial Double Glass Module)

The 17th International Green Energy Expo, hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, KECA, KNREA, KOPIA, KWEIA, KHIA, and KOTRA, is the new and renewable energy business marketing platform where 300 companies from 25 countries participated in 2019, attracting 32,000 visitors. It is Korea’s largest, third in Asia, and one of the top 10 solar power and ESS exhibitions. The exhibition sectors are as follows. △Solar power △ESS & batteries △Smart grid technology △Wind power △New and renewable energy

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