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Andrew Chung of 1955 Capital to Speak on COVID-19 Pandemic at Chinese American CPA Association

The American Association of Accountants announced that Andrew Chung, Founder and Managing Partner of 1955 Capital, a global venture fund focused on transformative companies that can solve the most pressing issues in the developing world, will be the featured speaker at their cloud lecture series focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. The lectures will take place from 4:00 PM-6:00 PM Los Angeles time on Saturday, July 25, and 7:00 AM-9:00 AM on Sunday, July 26, in China.

The lectures will look at issues such as how companies can survive the market downturn, how foreign students can protect themselves in the epidemic situation, how to prevent and treat the new virus, the problems your company encounters when applying for PPP loans, how your company may be affected as the tax rate continues to rise, and the tax issues of new and old immigrants studying abroad, gifts and cash.

“Having lived in Greater China and advised companies during the 2002–04 SARS outbreak, I know firsthand how a pandemic can dramatically slow businesses down and force a rethinking of their strategies. But I have also seen companies prepare themselves well and come out of a crisis stronger than before,” said Chung. “By managing through the situation with prudence and calm, our hope is that companies will invent ways to emerge on the other side of this in an advantaged position relative to their competitors and be ahead of the curve when the market turns.”

This lecture will be conducted in the form of an online video conference to facilitate public participation. Other participants include:

Lin Dajian, Former Mayor of Monterey Park, California – Support for international students seeking medical treatment and maintaining legal status during the epidemic
Professor Xiu Yi, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Thoracic Surgery and Lung Cancer – Prevention and Treatment during the Epidemic
Shi Yiru, Accountant, Vice President of the Sino-American Association of Accountants – Guidelines for the Use of Epidemic Subsidy PPP
Accountant Niu Peiyan, Vice President of the Sino-American Association of Accountants – Tax Rate Growth and Sales tax considerations
Li Hao, the founding president of the China-America Accountants Association – Taxation knowledge of studying abroad, gifting and cash
To register for the event and for more information, click here.

About 1955 Capital

1955 Capital was founded by Andrew Chung to invest in companies that can address the developing world’s most pressing challenges related to energy, healthcare, food, agriculture, education and sustainable manufacturing. With over a decade of experience investing in these sectors at leading global firms like Khosla Ventures and Lightspeed Ventures, Chung has experience in identifying technologies with significant impact potential in developing countries and supporting entrepreneurs in developing mutually productive partnerships. The firm is based in San Mateo, California.

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