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[MIK HOT SPOT_Seoul Food Startup Center] Ventus Ac Aqua stars off from the love for fragrance and now develops unique perfumes

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Seo Ji-woon, the CEO of Ventus Ac Aqua, started selling perfumes because he loved the scent As he was selling the perfumes, he wanted to learn about fragrance properly, so he went to schools in Switzerland and the US and earned a perfumer license. Now, he has established Ventus Ac Aqua in Korea to supply the perfume products.

AVING News interviewed Seo Ji-woon, the CEO of Ventus Ac Aqua, which participated in the MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) Seoul Food Startup Center.

Please introduce the company and the products.

Hello, my name is Seo Ji-woon, the head perfumer of Ventu Ac Aqua. Currently, we are making top-level niche perfumes and diffusers. We are creating the most realistic and close-to-natural scents of nature by using raw fruits, trees and plants. The raw materials are aged at a low temperature to leach out the fragrance and then put it in fragrance products like perfume or diffuser to make the fragrance vivid. Unlike other products that use artificial scent, we use only the natural scent, and therefore our products do not cause symptoms such as headaches.

And, we are making signature fragrance. We are making the signature diffuser and signature perfume that match the signature scent through ODM and OEM. We can say it’s custom made. We might not have all the scents in the world, but we have about one thousand scents. For our customers, we look for the scent they want together, and we make the scent right at the spot.

Do you have plans to enter the global market?

Middle Eastern people have long been using various perfumes. They are different from the perfumes used in Europe. They use the oriental type of perfume, but Europeans don’t use that. So, we plan to make the perfume group made with the oriental type and export them to the Middle East. In Japan, there are many luxury perfumes, but due to the characteristics of Japan, they want unique products, so we are also planning on making the products accordingly.

Seoul Food Startup Center, which participated in MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) is providing support to the agri-food-related companies come up with innovative ideas and new products. It is supporting food processing technology, licensing, patents, design, and promotional marketing so that agricultural products can be reborn as high-value products. Various startup support services such as ▴Startup training ▴Mentoring ▴Consulting ▴Investment connection are prepared.

The official of the center said, “We are fostering start-up agri-food companies to help develop new competitive products. This is going to lead to the exports of Korea’s excellent agri-food and create more jobs, becoming a new growth engine for Seoul.”

The global news network AVING News has begun holding the MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) to help small and medium-sized companies enter the market and attract investment 365 days a year’ AVING News has been running online exhibitions since 2005 and had 975 online exhibitions so far. Its YouTube online exhibition has placed itself as Korea’s largest online exhibition hall that opens with 19,000 videos (booths) with more than 800,000 visits per month which means more than 10 million visits per year.

The MIK HOT SPOT online exhibition is scheduled to be held regularly according to the field, target market, and participating institutions, and it will be presented as a new type of online business by transforming the know-hows and values of the participating companies according to the trend. Companies that want to participate can apply and apply through the marketing support projects from supporting institutions in the local governments. Refer to the institutions for more information.

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