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[MIK X Pangyo] Innovative tech companies in Pangyo Technovalley get a chance to be reviewed by global YouTuber with 200,000 subscribers

– French tech YouTube channel THE GRAND TEST has 242,000 subscribers and 19,400,000 total views

– UK tech YouTube channel All5! has 164,000 subscribers and 58 million views

THE GRAND TEST, tech YouTuber and media from France
Media channel:
YouTube channel:
Host: Nicolas Catard, 242,000 subscribers and 19.4 million total views

All the world’s eyes are on Pangyo, emerging as the ASIA INNOVATION HUB. The global news network AVING News is seeking companies to participate in the “Review by Global YouTubers” project in Pangyo which will lead the post-COVID era to advance into overseas markets of innovative companies by Sep. 18 (Fri).

View global YouTuber review

The MIK X PANGYO project of AVING News is the online exhibition made by utilizing global media and YouTuber network with the know-how of AVING News. It is the global news network with the highest numbers of news reporting on Korean companies that has reported 100 trade shows like MWC, IFA, and CES for 15 years.

AVING News has 1,000 online specials (120 million visits), 250,000 news reports (280 million views), and the YouTube channel with 45 million views (20,000 videos, 40,000 subscribers, 800,000 monthly visits). It is continuously expanding the global media and YouTuber infrastructure.

Eight consumer products will be selected in IT, CT, and BT sections to participate in the “Review by Global YouTubers” program. New products and innovative products, four for the French market and four for the UK market, that the global YouTubers would take interest in will be eligible to participate, The YouTubers who will review the products of Pangyo’s innovative company are Nicolas Catard, the host of the French YouTube channel THE GRAND TEST and Sam, the host of the UK YouTube channel All5!.

All5!, tech YouTuber from the UK
YouTube channel:
Host: Sam, 164,000 subscribers and 58 million total views

As of 2020, Pangyo Technovalley is continuing to grow with about 1,259 resident companies, of which 93% are in high-tech industries including IT, CT, BT, and NT and last year’s total corporate sales of about 107.2 trillion won.

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