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[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation hub in ASIA] Creative-based media convergence education company Sam Corporation enters the global market by Kickstarter in October

– Edutech solutions that contribute to the improvement of creative education and academic achievement through platform service

– To launch product and solution services starting with the US and the European and Southeast Asian markets

When non-face-to-face education is activated due to COVID-19, education based on an online platform that allows users to receive creative education using various contents regardless of location is receiving great attention from parents. Among them, Sam Corporation, a creative-based media convergence education company that connects imagination with fields where creativity in art and music can be expressed is opening a new path for edutech, “creative media convergence education.”

Park Jae-beom, CEO of Sam Corporation, who majored in art and has accumulated work experience in the media field, said, “As I taught children, I wondered whether it would be possible to increase the creativity of children by integrating the pure areas of art and the advanced areas of media. I have developed products and solutions that increase creativity and desire to achieve by making the paintings they drew and infusing the stories to them.” For this reason, the educational program developed by Sam Corporation includes not only basic humanities but also media creation.

Sam Corporation is currently providing a beta service for Story Creator and Media Creator education toy and We Creator, the online integrated platform service. Among them, Story Creator is a story creation board game that helps learners to think in context by combining and integrating individual information such as characters, backgrounds, and events. It was developed in the form of a transparent card to help learners’ imagination, and in November last year, the service was released at Burnett Creek Elementary School’s Gifted and Talented Class in Indiana, US and received great responses from students.

Also, Media Creator is a board game that helps promote creativity and imagination based on image cards. It is a multimedia creative board game designed to help students lead the rules of the game and expand their thinking by using given elements. In particular, We Creator provided by Sam Corporation is providing various O2O and edutech business programs based on digital device authentication services, introducing our education programs to Korea, the US, and Israel. It is shared on YouTube and We Creator platform.

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Sam Corporation provides products and services specialized for each user’s age group. Park said, “We provide play-based education for children under the age of 6, and art-based education for children in 1st to 3rd graders.” You will educate yourself on ideas and storytelling that fit this. Since 4th to 6th graders experience a variety of limitations and competencies in their expression through software education, they are educated on ideas and storytelling that are appropriate to them.”

At the same time, middle school students are encouraged to produce films themselves through the Movie Contest Mission, enhancing creativity and a sense of achievement. To high school students, it is strengthening their creativity by intensive education curriculum to produce advertisements or films. Also, the education effect is increased by allowing them to receive rewards or scholarships for their achievements.

Sam Corporation found its location in Pangyo for the environment optimized for the development of edutech solution and being close to various startups for information exchange and cooperation. It is currently undergoing discussion for investment with the investors with its sales results in Amazon US. Along with this, Sam Corporation, Fox Art Innovation, and Foreign Language Research Center are working together to develop innovative AI total solutions for future education. “It will be opened in the US crowdfunding Kickstarter in October,” said Park, adding that he plans to launch the products and services in Europe and Southeast Asia, starting with the US market.

Park ended the interview by saying, “Pangyo Technovalley has the best environment for development and close to Seoul, enabling network and cooperation with various startup companies. It would be very advantageous for us to develop with the optimized infrastructure.”

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