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[BCB 2020] Playground Brewery introduces its major beers, Gentleman Lager, Monk IPA, and Whole Splash IPA

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Playground Brewery participated in Bar Convent Berlin (BCB2020) in Berlin, Germany held as an online exhibition from Oct. 12 to 18, and introduced its major beer, Gentleman Lager, Monk IPA, and Whole Splash IPA.

Playground Brewery is a craft brewery that was established in February 2015 and started its full-scale operation in January 2016 after 11 months of preparation. The production plant has an annual production capacity of about three million liters, and it is located in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, and it is also running a general restaurant that serves as a tasting room at a permanent location. Also, it currently supplies beer to about 500 businesses nationwide, including hotels and golf courses.

Gentleman Lager introduced in this exhibition is a Korean reinterpretation of the typical Czech Pilsner style. Unlike the Czech Pilsner, which has a strong bitter taste, the beautiful golden-colored Gentleman Lager has a soft feel for swallowing and uses plenty of hops to add depth to the taste.

It’s 7.6 degree of alcohol water reminds of the mixture of soju and beer, and despite this, the taste is clean and provides a pleasant drinking experience. The yangban mask which Gentleman Lager symbolizes has the unique cool and tenderness, but sometimes shows bluff. The character of Yangban mask is a neat lager, but goes with the gentleman lager with a twist that reminds of soju and beer combo.

Monk IPA, which was introduced together, is an authentic American-style IPA with the unique dryness and malt of IPA. When you first drink it, you can feel the bitter taste, but after swallowing it, the softness and the aroma from hop can be tasted. Lastly, the saliva collects in the mouth, and the bitter taste goes away. It is the best quality IPA.

What Monk IPA symbolizes is the destruction of the rules. The official said, “I gave this name because I hope that Monk IPA will be a beer that overturns the paradigm of the beer market.”

Also, Hop Splash IPA is the New England Style IPA that is difficult to meet in the US. The official said, “To congratulate the release of restrictions on the use of hops led by Playground Brewery, we did not hesitate to put in a lot of hops.”

Oat, wheat, Viennese malt, and ale malt were used to create a rich body, and by adding generous hops blending, IPA that gives the feeling of drinking fresh juice was created.

The International Bar and Beverage Trade show (BCB2020) is an exhibition of the alcoholic beverages and the beverage industry with a long history, and people in the bar and pub industry participate in various related programs. Due to COVID-19, it will be held online this year, and a series of exhibitions in the UK (Imbibe), Brazil, and the US will also be held at the same time, attracting buyers from all over the world.

As a part of the export consortium project replacement project, KBIZ gave support to participate in BCB2020 in an effort to develop overseas sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises that are going through difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and enhance export vitality.

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