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NAMUTECH participates in the 2nd AI learning data building project Contributing to the artificial intelligence data ecosystem and nurturing professionals

Cloud platform and virtualization company NAMUTECH is participating in the 2nd artificial intelligence learning data building project.

NAMUTECH said Thursday that it had won the ‘Speech AI Data by Situation’ section of the second AI learning data building project conducted by the Korea Information Society as a member of the consortium.

Together with the executing organization, TmaxSoft, and participating organizations such as i-Scream edu and Korea Edutech Industry Association, NAMUTECH is partaking as a participating organization in the consortium. It signed an agreement with the Korea Information Society Agency, the specialized organization, to carry out the data building project. In the project, NAMUTECH is responsible for data quality management and verification.

This project is a part of South Korea’s government digital new deal program to spur economic growth that has been stagnated due to the coronavirus and to foster the AI industry at the national level.

The consortium that NAMUTECH is a part of will build 13,000 hours of large-scale AI learning data from Korean lectures (4,000 hours), conference speeches (3,000 hours), customer responses (3,000), and consultation speeches (3,000). This project contributes step by step to developing speech language processing technology that converts Korean speech into text and understands the context.

With the different fourth industrial revolution technologies such as AI, big data, IoT, and smart cities secured by NAMUTECH through its subsidiaries and investment companies, it will perform quality management of speech data for AI learning with the consortium and undertake internal and external verification to secure the highly utilizable speech data for AI learning.“In the AI project which is the core of the digital new deal program, we intend on contributing to the recruitment of new technical personnel and improving the expertise of human resources in the speech AI field by identifying the quality control factors in the entire process of building the speech data for AI learning and studying the verification methods of the secured speech data in phases with the consortium,” said Hongjoon Kim, NAMUTECH head of new and overseas business division. “We will create a good opportunity to develop AI learning data quality control and verification tools,” he added.    

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