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Autonomous Driving Rally unfolds at the 4th Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show with demonstration of goods delivery service using autonomous mobility

The ‘4th Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show (PAMS 2020)’ was held in the 1st and 2nd Pangyo Technovalley areas for three days from Oct. 15 to 17, and autonomous driving rally was held on Oct 17, the last day of the show.

It is an event to demonstrate continuous product delivery services using drones, autonomous vehicles, and delivery mobility in connection with companies, universities, and research institutes that have autonomous mobility technology.

To this end, the Operation Committee set up a section dedicated to the rally from Botdeul Reservoir Park ↔ Avenue France Pangyo ↔ Pangyo Station Exit 3. The rally was conducted in four stages: ordering goods through an exclusive app, first air delivery through autonomous drones, second delivery through autonomous vehicles in highways, and last mile delivery using small delivery mobility. This event, which reproduces the complete smart mobility service, was aired on YouTube.

This event is hosted by Gyeonggi-do and jointly organized by KINTEX and NIPA. Celebrating its fourth event this year, it is a place where you can see autonomous driving mobility technologies and products like autonomous driving cars, drones, and robots that can be integrated in the non-face-to-face services, highlighted by the COVID pandemic.

The event was attended by a number of promising autonomous mobility startups in Korea such as ▲Bear Robotics ▲VD Company ▲Dogugonggan ▲Exarobotics ▲Twinny ▲Steam Maker ▲UVify ▲SWM. In addition, various programs were held for three days, such as a non-face-to-face service demonstration combined with autonomous driving technology, exhibition of autonomous driving technology in everyday life, Gyeonggido Zero Shuttle Test Drive, and autonomous driving rally and delivery mobility contest.

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