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[Welding Korea 2020 Video] Super-TIG Welding to introduce eco-friendly, high-quality Super-TIG welding and solutions

Super-TIG Welding participated in the International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 (WELDING KOREA 2020) held at the Changwon Convention Center (CECO) from Oct. 20 (Tue) to 23 (Fri) to introduce its patented Super-TIG welding and solutions.

Established in December 2014, Super-TIG Welding is a research institute company under Pukyong National University holding company (MSIT no. 93), and has more than 100 industry-academic research results with large corporations such as Samsung, LG, VOLVO, and Doosan Heavy Industries, and patents related to welding. It is a company specializing in R&D with more than 30 applications and registrations.

Super-TIG Welding is developing various business model that creates high added value based on innovative productivity in the fields of butt welding, clad/overlay welding, and metal 3D printing that can increase the low productivity of the existing TIG welding by 20 times.

CEO Cho Sang-myung who was the professor of new material system engineering of Pukyong National University for over 20 years as an engineering doctor and welding technician said, “The Super-TIG welding shown in this exhibition boasts high productivity unlike the existing TIG, which has a strong image that it is expensive. It has developed an eco-friendly, highly efficient C-Filler that rarely generates fumes (such as black smoke or fire) and was approved. It has excellent effects on high-quality metal welding such as stainless steel and Ni alloy, high-quality overlay/cladding, and metal 3D printing.”

C-filler of 3-10mm boasts a high allowable current of up to 1200A with a wide filler metal shape and can achieve a high welding speed of up to 30kg/hr. The allowable welding speed range at the same welding current is also more than twice the normal TIG, and a wide range of penetration control is possible. High-speed welding is possible by preventing the molten metal from flowing down at a fast solidification speed, and undercuts and humping beads in high-current high-speed welding are prevented. In particular, it boasts of no spatter, no fume, and no slag through eco-friendly welding.

As for the patent registration and application for Super-TIG welding, there are seven welding filler materials including C-filler materials, control methods for stable continuous bridge operation, and 10 more. Super-TIG Welding is in charge of the development and sales of C-filler, and Koryo Welding Rod is in charge of manufacturing. It is contributing to the development of the welding-based manufacturing industry by providing an integrated Super-TIG Welding solution beyond product development and manufacturing.

The Korea International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 is hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and Changwon-si, providing various welding and cutting technology-related information that reflect the latest trends. The exhibited items are as follows. △ Welding automation △ Cutting equipment △ Processing equipment △ Welding machine △ Welding parts and peripherals △ Environmental improvement and safety products △ Inspection and testing equipment △ Welding materials

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