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Experience the autonomous driving and mobility, the future of the non-face-to-face economy!

– Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show held in the Pangyo area for three days from Oct. 15

– Jam-packed with cutting-edge technologies from serving robots to autonomous vehicles and even non-face-to-face services

– Perspective of future autonomous driving and mobility that will advance the post coronavirus era

The prolonged COVID-19 has created a new trend called “non-face-to-face.” As non-face-to-face plays an important role in economic activity, related technologies and services are developing at a rate that exceeds our imagination, and has brought many changes in our lives as well. Here in Pangyo, “autonomous driving” and “mobility,” which can be said to be the core of realizing a non-face-to-face economy, was introduced.

The 4th Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show held for three days from Oct. 15 to 17 introduces various mobility technologies and services ranging from food serving robots to patrol robots, and autonomous driving drones and autonomous driving vehicles. It provided an opportunity to view the current status and future development of autonomous driving technology. The Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show is an event hosted by Gyeonggi-do and jointly organized by KINTEX and Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology. This year, it was held under the theme “Connect PANGYO.”

At this event, the history and technology of autonomous driving and its usage, and policies related to autonomous driving in Gyeonggi-do were made into posters for the citizen’s better understanding on autonomous driving. Among them, the mobility demonstration hall “#UNTACT #CONNECT” caught the attention of many citizens. Here, information on autonomous driving technologies and applications being developed in Pangyo Zero City as well as promising autonomous driving mobility startups in Korea can be checked.

Eight startups that participated in this event are as follows: Bear Robotics showcasing smart food service by AI autonomous driving robots; VD Company with serving robots and quarantine robots;  Dogugonggan with its patrol robots and quarantine robots; Exarobotics which operates the nation’s largest AI robot platform such as delivery and collection robots; Twinny with its AI autonomous driving logistics transport robot; SteamMaker with its cup drone that codes while assembling; UVify with the world’s first commercialized swarm light show drones; SWM with its autonomous vehicle and autonomous solution. These companies introduced their core technologies to visitors through non-face-to-face service demonstrations combined with autonomous driving technology and exhibitions of autonomous driving technologies in everyday life.

On Oct. 17, the autonomous driving rally to demonstrate continuous product delivery services using drones, autonomous vehicles, and delivery mobility was held in connection with companies, universities, and research institutes that have autonomous mobility technology. To this end, the Operation Committee set up a section dedicated to the rally from Botdeul Reservoir Park ↔ Avenue France Pangyo ↔ Pangyo Station Exit 3. The rally was conducted in four stages: ordering goods through an exclusive app, first air delivery through autonomous drones, second delivery through autonomous vehicles in highways, and last mile delivery using small delivery mobility. This event, which reproduces the complete smart mobility service, was aired on YouTube.

Also, the Gyeonggi-do Autonomous Delivery Mobility Contest and Awards Ceremony to foster future self-driving technology talent, the Gyeonggi-do Zero Shuttle Test Drive where general visitors can experience the future autonomous driving environment, Autonomous Driving Challenge which is the competitive technology development event to vitalize Pangyo Zero City, and Zero Shuttle Test Drive at Gyeonggi-do Autonomous Driving Center were held at the 1st and 2nd Pangyo Technovalley.

Pangyo Technovalley, which is called the innovation hub of Asia, is recently reborn as the autonomous driving smart industrial complex. In 2016, as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport designated the area around the 2nd Pangyo Technovalley as the autonomous driving pilot complex, Gyeonggi-do created a demonstration complex for autonomous driving in Pangyo with the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology and GH. In this situation, GH recently announced plans to introduce two autonomous driving buses and an autonomous cooperative driving platform, a new concept of transportation that connects the 2nd Pangyo Technovalley and Pangyo Station. It has accelerated the commercialization of autonomous driving buses. Currently in the 2nd Pangyo Technovalley, a large number of autonomous driving and mobility related companies and donors including the Gyeonggi-do Autonomous Driving Center, a control tower for the operation of the autonomous driving demonstration complex are located.

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