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[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation hub in ASIA] VD Company leads innovative changes in mobility with AI technology…Demonstrates the serving robot PuduBot and the quarantine robot PuDoctor at PAMS 2020

When AI technology is added to robots, existing values and systems bring innovative changes, enabling the dream of a convenient and comfortable life to be achieved. The robot cooks according to the chef’s recipe with the ingredients handed over, and the serving robot delivers the finished dishes to the customers. On one side of the restaurant, a quarantine robot is in charge of the restaurant’s clean environment. This is the world of autonomous driving and mobility that VD Company created with the cooking robot CookBot, serving robot PuduBot, and the quarantine robot PuDoctor.

VD Company, which pioneered the serving robot market by introducing its serving robot PuduBot for the first time in Korea, supplies more than 200 units to more than 100 restaurants in Korea. These robots are the choices of many customers, taking more than 90% of serving robots in Korea. This company also provides a convenient and easy shopping experience to customers by utilizing an AI retail system, such as operating a vending machine ThePyunBox that applies both autonomous driving robot and smart vending solution.

VD Company participated in the 4th Pangyo Autonomous Mobility Show (PAMS 2020) and disclosed its technology and products to the public, drawing a lot of interest and response. The autonomous driving robots that this company has unveiled are the serving robot PuduBot and the quarantine robot PuDoctor. PuduBot’ which won the Best of Best Award at the Red Dot Design Award’ has a multi-layered tray design that is tilted backwards to maintain the center of gravity above and below the robot’s center line, improving the carrying capacity of the PuduBot. Also, the suspension is installed to absorb shock, and the tray with non-slip mat and smooth motion control allow safe transportation.

In particular, the multi-sensor fusion technology based on LiDAR, visual sensor, UWB, IMU, encoder, infrared and ultrasonic sensor enables accurate location search and movement of PuduBot, and the core function of autonomous driving includes accurate map preparation, optimized route planning, centimeter-level positioning, and quick obstacle avoiding. CEO Ham Pan-sik of VD Company said, “We are constantly striving to provide innovative and new technologies for convenient and happy restaurant service for both the owner and customers” The first result is the PuduBot, the autonomous delivery robot.”

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Also, the quarantine robot PuDoctor, which the company exhibited with PuduBot, is an autonomous driving disinfection robot to prevent infectious diseases in indoors with a large population moving around. By applying the SLAM solution, the robot can avoid obstacles accurately and move stably, and it boasts excellent sterilization and disinfection through a high-performance module. PuDoctor holds excellent sterilization and disinfection capabilities that can disinfect up to 600㎡ of space at a time, and it can analyze the sterilization requirements intelligently according to usage plans. The disinfection path and operating time are calculated so that the indoor space can be completely disinfected, and the ultrasonic spray technology diffuses 5μm to 15μm mist particles effectively.

PAMS 2020, held for three days from Oct. 15 to 17 was hosted by Gyeonggi Province and co-organized by Kintex and the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology. It was held at the 1st and 2nd Pangyo Technovalley, the venue rapidly emerging as the autonomous smart industrial complex, with the theme Connect PANGYO.

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