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[2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion] Ace Edu introduces educational content K-POP ENGLISH

Ace Edu, selected to participate in 2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project, announced the educational content K-POP ENGLISH.

Ace Edu is a global edutech startup, and the core content K-POP ENGLISH was created by making text-based textbooks for kids and teens around the world as K-pop music video, and it was approved as a technological company.

The staff of the company said, “The innovation of K-POP ENGLISH is that it is an educational content that can replace an hour of class with a 3-minute K-pop music video. It is a brand called Raptong (a textbook that can be memorized with rap), and its marketability has already been sufficiently verified in the Korean market. We have several YouTube videos with more than one million views, and it is being used in more than 1000 schools. Our Korean history and elementary English words are best-selling contents.”

He then said, “There are many children’s songs produced with simple melodies. However, the core competitiveness of K-POP ENGLISH is that it maximizes the memorization effect of long texts with the addictive sophisticated K-pop melody. These days, kids are exposed to the media since childhood and they have already developed emotions. So, kids who are even five years old like K-pop more than children’s songs. We have strength in know-how and technology of blending K-pop and texts well so that you can memorize long texts with difficulty just by singing along.

Regarding the participation in the 2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project, he said, “I hope to be matched with partners from around the world that can develop the best global content. We have applied for patent for the streaming platform AI-Recommending User-Customized Mixing Music Video for Textbook.”

2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project is a program designed to enable startups in the province that have become stagnant due to COVID-19 to pioneer overseas markets by ontact, Active support is being made through business cooperation between the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pangyo G-HUB specializing in supporting content startups and KOTRA with its connection to overseas buyers, investors, and infrastructure.

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