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[2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion] Dentaluv introduces the suction helper Suction Free

Dentaluv, selected to participate in 2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project, introduced the suction helper Suction Free.

Dentaluv is a company that develops equipment for improving the dental treatment environment. In the first half of 2020, it developed a suction-only device, Suction Free, that enables the dentist to treat independently, and started selling it in the domestic market.

The company staff said, “The reasonable price of suction free can be used by connecting the suction device of the existing chair. Our strength is that the design that minimizes the space occupied so that the staff’s assistance can be entered when necessary.”

Subsequently, “If the doctors use Suction Free, they will be able to examine the patients without the help of staff, and dental hygienist will be able to use it for scaling without having the need to hang the suction tip in the patients’ mouth and change the position of the suction tip frequently in uncomfortable position to examine the whole mouth, making the scaling easily and quickly with comfort. Patients also become more comfortable by preventing swallowing and nausea during examination.”

Dentaluv, which participated in MSS support project in 2019, was selected as the best company in last August, and achieved sales of more than 70 million won in just four months after entering the domestic market in June with Suction Free.

The staff of Dentaluv said, “Through this exhibition, we are looking for overseas business partners to increase our share in the domestic market and to start entering the overseas market at the same time. We are in the process of developing the suction equipment for droplet aerosol that occur during dental examination and receiving investment.”

2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project is a program designed to enable startups in the province that have become stagnant due to COVID-19 to pioneer overseas markets by ontact, Active support is being made through business cooperation between the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pangyo G-HUB specializing in supporting content startups and KOTRA with its connection to overseas buyers, investors, and infrastructure.

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