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[2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion] Wilden prepares to launch ZUNO Endangered Animals Playing Card, the education toy for children

Wilden, selected to participate in 2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project, is ready to launch introduced its education toy for children ZUNO Endangered Animals Playing Card.

With the motto of changing the response to the climate crisis through lifestyle changes, Wilden is publishing a climate crisis response book by subjects called Basil: Earth life guide. Twelve books have been released under the Basil series. Also, it is preparing to release ZUNO Endangered Animals Playing Card, the education toy for children.

JUNO is made up of 48 most endangered animal species by climate zone and habitat around the world. It also comes with a map showing the area where the animals live, and six ways to protect the animals as cards.

The company staff said, “There is a saying that you can see and love as much as you know. Juno plays a role in helping children study the environment with more joy.”

He continued, “JUNO is a painting drawn in detail. JUNO depicts the appearance of an extinct animal as it is, along with its habitat. It shows that the habitat environment is important for animals to live. The pictures were chosen and reviewed by the Biodiversity Foundation run by Professor Choi Jae-chun of Ewha Womans University who was formerly the honorable ambassador for climate change adaptation at UNFCCC to increase reliability.”

Regarding the participation in the 2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion, he said, “I want to introduce JUNO to the world stage greatly with this opportunity. I would like to meet the buyer for JUNO, and those who are interested in using the license.”

2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project is a program designed to enable startups in the province that have become stagnant due to COVID-19 to pioneer overseas markets by ontact, Active support is being made through business cooperation between the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pangyo G-HUB specializing in supporting content startups and KOTRA with its connection to overseas buyers, investors, and infrastructure.

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