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[Pangyo Techno Valley, Innovation hub in ASIA] UVify, AI autonomous flying drone design and manufacturing company introduces IFO, the world’s first commercialized swarm light show drone

Hundreds of drones draw amazing images in the air, sometimes with heartwarming message in the sky. UVify is the company that has transformed the drone light show that combines advanced technology and cultural contents into Korea. UVify, a startup that designs and manufactures Ai-based autonomous flying drone software and swarm flying drones, has numerous experiences in drone light shows in Korea and abroad.

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The company also won the Best Robot/Drone Award from Engadget in 2017, Best Emerging Technology Award from Digital Trends in 2018, and Best Commercial Drone Award from DroneRush in 2019, promoting its technology to the world, and is currently exporting drone products to more than 20 countries around the world, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Participating in the 4th Pangyo Autonomous Mobility Show (PAMS 2020), the company introduced its swarm light show drone IFO and other drones and technological solutions. This company provides eco-friendly and more colorful light shows for brand promotion and various events. In PAMS 2020, it exhibited IFO which won the Best Commercial Drone Award from the US’s drone media Drone Rush and its swarm research drone IFO-S. And, it emphasized the company’s business model that can provide the customization of all actions according to the needs.

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UVify’s IFO drone is the only swarm flying product selected as the 2019 government drone regulatory sandbox operator by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. This product is the world’s first successful commercialization of the swarm light show drone product. It is equipped with a precise location recognition feature by using RTK-GNSS technology, enabling hundreds of drones to simultaneously perform flight missions without collision. The Flight Controller (flight control module) developed by UVify and the aircraft that is directly mass-produced in Korea have safely performed hundreds of swarm flights at home and abroad so far.

In addition, IFO-S is a swarm drone platform for AI research equipped with computers, cameras, and sensors, so it can perform tasks such as indoor and outdoor autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance. IFO-S is the aircraft that won the first prize in the indoor reconnaissance sector of the 2nd Dronebot Challenge 2019, and is currently being used for research by world-leading defense and academic institutions.

PAMS 2020, the event where the future autonomous mobility technology and service industry such as Korea’s autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots were viewed at a glance, is an event hosted by Gyeonggi-do and jointly organized by KINTEX and Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology. This year, it was held under the theme “Connect PANGYO.” In Pangyo, where the event was held, there is a drone company support hub center in which 22 drone-related companies are located, and it is the first base in Korea to lead the future of the Korean drone industry by establishing a drone test airfield in the government-provided area, laying the foundation for the development of the drone industry.

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