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[2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion] Pico Pico introduces smart air purifier that can use natural aroma essence

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Pico Pico, selected for the 2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project, introduced its smart air purifier.

The company staff said, “The biggest feature of our product is that 100% natural aroma essence is used. Of course, it removes ultrafine dust. Dual beads developed in a special way with highly concentrated essence, Korean paper, and pulp were mixed together and aged for a long period of time. Accordingly, the essence permeates into the pores of the dual bead, and it is stored for a relatively long time to be volatilized.”

He continued, “Through this technology, the essence that can be used for about 1 day can be used for about 30 days. In addition, since it uses nature-friendly materials, it is easy to recycle after use, and there is no harm to nature even if it is disposed of when used.”

In addition, “the air purifier is already in the red ocean market, but I think that it has secured a differentiated element from other products due to its ability to volatilize 100% aroma essence,” he expressed pride.

Regarding the opportunity to participate in the 2020 startup Ontact overseas expansion, he said, “I participated in order to secure buyers and explore the possibility of exporting products.” It is currently planning to establish a branch in Shanghai, and key personnel reside in China. Based in Shanghai, it plans to gradually expand to the markets in China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. In addition, we will continue to make efforts to continuously improve our products and increase marketability and marketability by checking the feedback factor in this process.”

2020 Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project is a program designed to enable startups in the province that have become stagnant due to COVID-19 to pioneer overseas markets by ontact, Active support is being made through business cooperation between the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pangyo G-HUB specializing in supporting content startups and KOTRA with its connection to overseas buyers, investors, and infrastructure.

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