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[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation hub in ASIA] Kitten Planet provides dental care service with Brush Monster

– Smart toothbrush and educational app that teaches proper brushing habits along with AR toothbrush

– Challenging new vision in Pangyo, the place full of young innovator’s energy

To keep your teeth healthy to the age of 100, it is very important to have proper brushing habits. Especially when permanent teeth start to come out from the age of 6, you should take care of your teeth more carefully. But, most children don’t like the toothbrush touching their teeth and want to avoid brushing. Kitten Planet is the company that has taken steps to solve this problem. Kitten Planet became independent from Samsung Electronics Lab C. It is a startup that developed Brush Monster, the system that connects the children’s smart electronic toothbrush and smartphone-based teeth brushing app.

Choi Jong-ho, the CEO of Kitten Planet, said, “Children aged 5-6 have difficulty brushing their own teeth, and even if they brush their teeth, they are exposed to the risk of tooth decay.” He is the first one in the world to utilize augmented reality (AR) in teeth brushing education. The existing brushing education was a video-oriented method that can only provide indirect experience, but this education is based on AR, so children can experience it directly with the AR toothbrush, Brush Monster allows children to brush their teeth using a smartphone as a mirror. It then shows the face on the screen, analyzing the position of the teeth and telling you the correct brushing with AR technology.

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Also, after the children brush their teeth, the motion sensor of the smart toothbrush analyzes the motion and notifies where to brush more. This allows the child to build the correct brushing habit. In addition, Kitten Planet added game elements such as collecting characters to add more fun. Kitten Planet won two awards, Excellent Product Design and Baby and Child Care categories at the 2020 German Design Awards earlier this year and proved the brand’s value.

Since its launch in 2017, Brush Monster’s apps and smart toothbrushes, which has the largest market share of children’s toothbrushes in Korea, have been used by 100,000 people so far, and the mobile app has been translated into seven languages to be available in 137 countries. After Korea, it has the largest number of users in the US, and the usage is increasing greatly in the UK, Japan, Singapore, and Southeast Asian countries. Other businesses have limitation in expanding due to cultural or geographical differences, but what Kitten Planet is dealing with is universal throughout the world, and this was how the company was able to globalize its business quickly.

Founded in 2017, Kitten Planet has laid the foundation for growth by developing business with the goal of building a correct brushing habits for children. Since then, Kitten Planet has been continuously expanding its business area to provide smart dental care services for adults as well as children. Choi said” “Dental treatment costs are burdensome not only for homes, but also for the country’s medical expenses. As seen that the flu patients in the first half of this year was 1/5 of last year’s due to wearing masks and keeping personal hygiene, if our smart dental care service can prevent cavities and manage oral diseases, personal medical expenses can be minimized and the national medical budget can also be saved.”

For this, Kitten Planet launched health-promoting child tooth insurance with an insurance company in December 2018, and from this year, by expanding its business model. it is planning to provide its own technology and services to other toothbrush companies in the form of licensing, and provide oral care services for adults. CEO Choi added, “We plan to introduce a service that combines our AR technology for dentistry as well as dental care and prevention.”

About Pangyo, he said” “Pangyo has a unique culture that cannot be found anywhere in Korea, and this culture creates the energy of innovation. I grew up by receiving the energy made by the challenging spirit of the young innovators in Pangyo, and I want to continue to challenge new missions in Pangyo and grow and develop Kitten Planet as a global company.”

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