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[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation hub in ASIA] Korea’s first digital education content company i-Scream Media

– i-Scream S, a digital educational content platform used by 90% of elementary school teachers

– All-in-one coding robot TRUETRUE that covers unplugged to programming

COVID-19 has brought various changes in the society and economy. Among them, the field of education experienced the acceleration of non-face-to-face education contents development and enormous changes in the digital education environment. Here, the intelligent customized learning, AR·VR-based contents and digital education platform have become one of the key elements leading future education. For i-Scream Media, Korea’s first digital education contents company that has made continuous effort to create new education culture, this change was what it was waiting for.

CEO Park Gi-seok said, “i-Scream Media started with the contents platform exclusively for teachers This technology and contents integrated service product i-Scream S contains rich archive of digital educational contents such as animation, flash, and interactive contents, and is used by more than 90% of elementary school teachers.” i-Scream S contains more than three million educational contents. It is a digital educational contents platform, which teachers can also directly participate and share digital learning contents. With this, i-Scream Media is providing its own school bulletin board service HiClass as digital education platform. By applying the survey results with the former elementary school teacher as the advisor, it is designed to provide convenience for teachers.

i-Scream Media is recently raising awareness abroad with TRUETRUE, a smart coding robot for elementary school students that can be programmed from unplugged. TRUETRUE is an educational coding robot developed jointly by i-Scream Media, researchers at KAIST Engineering School, and professors in the Department of Computer Education at Gyeongin National University of Education, and is designed to enable creative activities based on logical thinking by containing the elementary curriculum step by step. Particularly, it supports comprehensive coding education with extended functions according to the levels and areas, from STEM education to increase fusion thinking ability and logical and creative robot programming.

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Jeong Eui-seok, the manager in charge of TRUETRUE of the software education team, said, “Previously, coding robots were released in the form specialized in either unplugged activity without a computer or EPL (Educational Programming Language) activity connected to the computer, and the price was high. The price to pay to prepare lessons was high, and the functions of different robots had to be learned, so the teachers felt burdened to prepare for class.”

TRUETRUE is a robot solution developed in 2018 under the concept of “All-in-One Coding Robot” to solve this problem. Designed in consideration of size, weight, design, and function, TRUETRUE is considered as a character by children thanks to its cute design, so it raises concentration level. It contains a variety of activities such as cards, apps, and block coding, making it easy for children to code easily and with fun whether it is unplugged or used with smart devices. Also, in terms of being able to handle a variety of curricula, schools can save the budget for education.

TRUETRUE exceeded the sales of 30,000 units within eight months of its launch, and it exported to 18 countries including France, Poland, Spain, Japan, UAE and Singapore through its aggressive overseas marketing. Also, in Edutech Asia 2019 held in Singapore, i-Scream Media’s technology was recognized by winning the Gold Prize (best robotic solution), which is considered to be no. 1 in robot solution category. Jeon Pil-gu, head of the Overseas Business Office of i-Scream Media, said, “The demand for TRUETRUE is increasing in countries around the world. We are going to respond to the demand of the world market in various ways and plan to conduct special marketing activities to expand the entrance to the Vietnamese market according to the new southern policy by the government.”

He added, “We were able to plan various strategies through the process of directly experiencing the relevant data and the changes as we settled down in Pangyo, Korea’s IT tech hub. We are going to make good use of Pangyo’s geographical advantages to become the company that lives up to the name Pangyo, known as the cradle of Industry 4.0.”

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