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BTS confirmed to appear in MMA 2020!

– BTS writes a new history with every album release

– Fans all over the world talk about BTS’s performance on every MMA stage

– With BTS’s appearance on MMA 2020 confirmed, people are expecting to see ultra-luxurious artist lineup

BTS receiving award at MMA 2019

Following last year, BTS will communicate with the music fans around the world at the MMA (Melon Music Awards) this year.

Kakao (Co-CEOs Yeo Min-su and Cho Soo-yong) announced that the group BTS has confirmed their appearance in MMA 2020 (Melon Music Awards 2020), Korea’s largest popular music awards organized by the music platform Melon. MMA 2020 will be held in the first week of December (12/2-5) as the MMA WEEK online in a non-face-to-face method.

BTS performance in MMA 2019

MMA, which celebrates its 12th year this year, is the largest pop music festival in Korea that features top singers in Korea every year. This year, in line with the social distancing policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the event will be held online and non-face-to-face, but will be filled with the fervor of K-pop music and enable the fans and the artists to communicate closer despite the far physical distance. As announcing that BTS who had busier year this year than anyone will be attending MMA 2020, expectations are escalating even higher.

All eyes are on how BTS will shock the fans all over the world with their performance in this year’s MMA 2020. The stages that BTS had shown at the past MMA have amazed music fans around the world, and they are still talked about as legendary performances.

BTS receiving award at MMA 2019

Last year at MMA 2019, BTS won a total of eight grand prizes, including four grand prizes in album, artist, best song, and record, and TOP10, Kakao Hot Star Award, Netizen Popularity Award, and Male Dance Award. In MMA 2018, Korean traditional music and dance was used to give performance for the song IDOL, and this excited the whole world. In 2019, fancy stage was shown by having seven different performances shown by each member, adding heat to the awards ceremony.

BTS released its 4th official album r<MAP OF THE SOUL : 7> in February this year, writing a new history at the forefront of the global music market and proving that they are a top-notch global artist group. Dynamite, the song that was released in August this year, is exerting global influence by ranking first in the Billboard’s main chart HOT 100 for two weeks in a row as the first Korean artists.

BTS performance in MMA 2019

Anyone can access to MMA 2020 and enjoy via various online channels like Melon App/Web, KakaoTalk, #Kakao TV tab, and YouTube channel. More information can be found in Melon’s announcement and official SNS accounts (Instagram, Twitter).

Kakao Enterprise is based in Pangyo, Pangyo Technovalley is the Asia Tech Hub where more than 1,200 companies in IT, CT, and BT sectors with innovative products and technologies are gathered. Located just south of the Seoul metropolitan area, easy transportation access and infrastructure provides the best environment for Korean companies to conduct businesses.

Various high-tech companies are located here, with more than 64 thousand full-time workers with a vast majority in their 20s and 30s. By industries, companies in the high-tech industry are made up of IT companies, content technology companies, biotechnology companies, and nanotechnology companies.

With the support from innovative companies with global capabilities like Kakao, NHN Entertainment, AhnLab, Krafton, NCSOFT, Nexon, and Hancom at hand, companies in Pangyo Technovalley made over 100 trillion in revenue this year. A 20% increase from last year, it is expected to become one of the best IT clusters in Korea in near future, along with advanced technology research institutes like Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, KAIST, ETRI, and KETI working together to develop the relevant technologies further.

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