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[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] By Paper to enter the US market with eco-friendly paper cat tower Catssle in January

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By Paper, which participated in the Overseas Networking and Market Support Project conducted by Gwangmyeong G-Hub, developed and sold the eco-friendly paper cat tower Catssle in 2019, and is focusing on entering the overseas market.

By using paper corrugated material, paper cat tower Catssle boasts excellent price competitiveness compared to other wood products. Consumers have five colors to choose, and they can create diverse shapes by connecting the blocks like Lego pieces.

Also, by using natural pulp craft paper, it is light and highly durable (load of 20kg or more), and has a one-touch grip fastening structure (patented) that does not fall off easily when cats use it. By minimizing the connection part by 50%, anyone can easily assemble and disassemble (patented) this, and the eco-friendly water-based waterproof coating process helps overcome the limitations of paper that is weak to moisture.

The company staff said, “We participated in Gwangmyeong G-Hub overseas support project for overseas promotion and sales of eco-friendly product Catssle. And by participating in the overseas trade shows and online consultations, we are aiming at exporting to the US first and Europe and Japan second in 2021.”

By Paper is an eco-friendly product specialist that focuses on manufacturing and selling paper-related eco-friendly products. The CEO of By Paper has 20 years of experience in operating a paper packaging box company, and developed the eco-friendly paper furniture and packaging box that does not use tape. The company owns several patents.

Gwangmyeong G-Hub is a cultural startup space that supports startups and creations established by Gyeonggi-do, Gwangmyeong-si, and Gyeonggi Contents Agency to build a startup ecosystem in the field of eco design and cultural contents.

Gwangmyeong G-Hub is conducting Overseas Networking and Market Support Project under the theme “Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship – Globalization” for startups in Gyeonggi area that are seeking to enter the overseas market. The domestic eco-friendly product market is expected to grow significantly in the future through the Green New Deal announced in July, and Gwangmyeong G-Hub established a program to enter the overseas market specializing in the eco industry.

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