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[Photonics Korea 2020] Tronix to introduce e-IoT smart public lighting control system

Tronix will be introducing its e-IoT smart public lighting control system at the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020, which will be held Nov. 19-27 at KAPID online non-face-to-face consultation room and the exhibition homepage.

The company official said, “Tronix, established in 2014, is laying the foundation for connecting people and objects with rapidly developing IT technology. We are promoting commercialization by developing an e-IoT smart public lighting control system that applies an IoT-based two-way communication system as its main product.”

The e-IoT smart public lighting control system uses low-power long-distance communication LoRa for IoT devices and IoT gateways used for public lighting. Through standardized technology design, the company has converged IoT, big data, clouding technologies for public light to remote controlling, and diagnosis for equipment failure. For the purpose of efficient management, there is an advantage that the maintenance cost of public lighting can be drastically reduced.

The company staff said, “The application of IoT standardization technology, low-cost communication system through wireless self-network establishment, and application of various services based on open source are the main features of our products.”

He then said, “Through this exhibition, we would like to create new application product markets (optical/IoT fusion sensor products, smart LED lighting, EMS, smart city-linked platform technology, etc.) by exchanging information with smart city-related companies working with optical energy.” He also said, “We plan to lead the global technological competition and create a new market for the energy industry linked to IoT and AMI, as well as preoccupying the big data and AI markets based on future smart cities.”

The main events of the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020 hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and organized by the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development are as follows. △On-line road show for promising technologies/products in the optical convergence industry △Export conference inviting domestic and foreign influential buyers (24-hour online export consultation system for post-COVID crisis) △Awards to excellent companies and merit in developing new technology/new products △Information session and forum

The items exhibited at the show are optical ICT, optical fusion lighting, optical medical bio, optical fusion precision equipment, optical parts, optical image information equipment, imaging formation application equipment, and optical fusion energy.

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