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Environment & Energy Tech 2020 opens

The future of the green new deal drawn as a local environment and energy industry

Busan City (Acting Mayor Byeon Seong-wan) announced that the 2020 Environment & Energy Tech (ENTECH 2020), an integrated exhibition in the field of environment and energy, will be held in BEXCO, Busan for three days from Nov. 11.

The Environment & Energy Tech in its 14th year showcases outstanding technologies and products in the environment and energy industries, while also supporting local companies in developing domestic and overseas markets.

This exhibition will be participated by 200 companies in 600-booth scale. Various events like ▲ Green New Deal Special Hall ▲ Upcycling Experience Hall ▲ Participating Company Product Presentation ▲ Electric Vehicle Test Drive Booths are prepared, and the promotion of company products through social media will be strengthened, increasing the interest towards the industry show from companies and general citizens.

Overseas buyers export consultation will be conducted online, and export consultations will be conducted for 80 companies, which is three times higher than last year. In Korea, purchase consultation where 40 public institutions and six power generation companies participate will be held to firm its position as a B2B industrial trade show.

In particular, ENTECH Vietnam will also be held simultaneously despite being remote due to COVID, and expand the sales channels for the local companies there.

As the city of Busan delayed the event once due to COVID-19 in September, it is planning to establish thorough prevention measures to conduct the event safely.

Busan’s Acting Mayor Byeon Seong-wan said, “I look forward to this industrial exhibition as an opportunity to revitalize the local environmental energy industry contracted by COVID-19 to enter the domestic and overseas markets, and to achieve results.”

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