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[LED & OLED EXPO 2020] KOPTI becomes a leader in optical fusion technology

There is a researcher who takes pride in producing light that is not only visible, but invisible as well.

KOPTI (Korea Photonics Technology Institute) participated in the 18th International LED & OLED EXPO 2020 in KINTEX on Nov. 11-13 and introduced the optic technologies that lead the market and industry.

KOPTI made various contributions in LED and light-related industries and research, and it is trying to fulfill the motto of opening the future with light and technology as an optical convergence technology research center. The field that KOPTI is doing research on is almost all fields related to light such as lighting, lasers, sensors, and lenses. It literally creates a variety of lights from visible light to invisible light.

In this way, they are engaged in cooperative projects with companies that need the light created in the market, and practicing various win-win management such as test certification and equipment support.

Paik Jong-hyup, the head of the headquarters who participated in the event, said, “We are striving to fulfill our role as a hub for optical convergence by securing the core engines necessary for fostering the optical convergence industry and establishing an integrated support system that coexists with companies. The most important part in the autonomous vehicles is the “eyes,” and the core technologies that open the future, such as automobile cameras created by the combination of car and optical technology, are the result of optical fusion technology.”

This exhibition is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA and is hosted by EXPO&U. The exhibition items are LEDs & LED Lighting Products, LED Chips / LED Components, Accessories & Raw Materials, LED Signage & LED Displays, Micro-LED Allied Products, UV(Ultra-Violet) LED Applications, LED Applications, LED Manufacturing Equipment / Machinery / Fixtures & Allied Products, Testing Laboratories & Research Organization, and Smart Light Building.

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